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Vieques Puerto Rico

Those that step foot on this little island are spoiled for life.  Isla de Vieques, one of the offshore islands of Puerto Rico, is truly a beach lovers, dream destination.  So many beaches to choose from, and most you’ll have to yourself even in high tourist season.  If you dream of white sand and turquoise waters, Vieques is the place in Puerto Rico you’ll want to vacation.  If you love snorkeling, be sure to bring your gear, there are many great snorkeling beaches in Vieques.  You can get a taste of Vieques by taking a day trip, it’s a short flight from Ceiba or ferry ride from Fajardo.  What you’ll get out of Vieques is an extreme desire to go back.

Day Trip Suggestion:  Hard to tell you which beach is the best, but if for a day trip, we suggest visiting the beaches on the Vieques Wildlife Refuge.  Bahia de la Chiva (Blue beach) is great for swimming and snorkeling, Playa La Plata is gorgeous, visit our Vieques beaches guide to see more.

Puerto Rico > Puerto Rico Beaches > Vieques Beaches

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