Taxis are a good and fairly inexpensive way of getting around Puerto Rico especially on the tourist zones in San Juan.   You can either wave one down on the street or call one by phone and they’ll take you anywhere in Puerto Rico. Taxis on the tourist areas of San Juan have fixed rates.  Ask concierge at your hotel for a list of recommended taxis in the area.

Public Bus System

In you’re staying in the metro area, Puerto Rico’s AMA (Metropolitan Bus Authority) offers various routes in the metro area.  Each ride is only $.075.

San Juan Bus Routes and Map 

More routes  


Various towns in Puerto Rico have a trolleys offering tours of the main attractions.

Old San Juan’s trolley is always looping around the city and it’s free of charge making stops along the main attractions.

Publico system

The public system is used by locals and budget savvy tourists. At the center of each town there is a publico station, the fees and routes are set, with some planning you can pretty much get where you need to go. You will need some basic Spanish to use the publico system since many of the drivers do not speak English, however most drivers in the San Juan / Metro area speak English.