Puerto Rico…the most diverse destination in the Caribbean, blessed with an unfair amount of treasures.  We invite you to explore the island and learn why its called “The Island of Enchantment”. 

Puerto Rico Points of Interest & Things to Do Guide - 2018

Looking for things to do and amazing places to visit in Puerto Rico?  We’ve got the most complete guide, presented in a way to make your vacation planning easier.   It took many hours to prepare…and it is long, because that’s the real Puerto Rico…”The Land of a Thousand Blessings“.

Since 2004 we’ve introduced places that were never shared online or travel media.  Puerto Rico is much more than Old San Juan, El Yunque National Rainforest and tourist traps heavily marketed.   We know Puerto Rico, we have traveled extensively over many years and it has been our goal to showcase ALL of the Puerto Rico we love, the true enchanting treasures, most of them are free of charge.  Most of the travelers we speak to, tell us the same thing… they didn’t venture outside the city in their first trip, once they did, they keep coming back to explore points of interest in other regions.  You can come to Puerto Rico 10 times for a week vacation…and always have a different experience.  The diversity of natural treasures and world wonders are among the top reasons Puerto Rico is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean.

Unlike all-inclusive destinations designed to keep you inside the hotel property, Puerto Rico is a destination to be explored… We want you to experience the real Caribbean Life… you may just end up seeking for a second home in Puerto Rico.

$$ Saving Tip Before Booking a Tour….

You don’t have to break your budget to have a great time…most the best points of interest and activities are free or at very low cost.  

You’ve worked hard, you earned your vacation, before giving in to pressure from found deals online, take a few hours to explore Puerto Rico right from your computer / mobile device, that is the first step to planning unforgettable meaningful times for you and your loved ones sure to re-energize so you can get back to daily demands long after vacation is over.

On a budget? Again, you don’t have to spend much money to have a good time in Puerto Rico.  A few tours you would do in the city for hundreds of dollars per person, you could do in another location of the island for less than half the cost.

Good things come in small packages…

Puerto Rico is a small island, about the size of Connecticut.  From San Juan to the south west corner of the island is about a 2 hour drive, so no place is to far.  Our Things to do Do Guide is divided into regions to make your planning easier, we have included historical landmarks, great beaches, forests, family friendly places, a few restaurants to enjoy tradional food, water activities and more.

Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico – 2018

Tourist Ready after Hurricane Maria

Best things to do in Puerto Rico / Top points of interest - 2018

We’ve come up with a list of the best things to do and top points of interest under the Puerto Rican Flag.   Yes, Puerto Rico was heavily hit by Hurricane Maria, six months after this catastrophic event, Puerto Rico is ready to welcome and enchant visitors.   The island is green again, the water is clearer than ever, and most of our world class attractions are open.  There’s plenty to do and see in Puerto Rico.  As you have a great time, you’ll be supporting our recovery efforts.  Best things to do / Points of Interest in Puerto Rico.

Highlights - San Juan - Top Points of Interest

The Capital City of San Juan was included in the prestigious list of “Best in Travel 2018” Top Cities.   San Juan is two destinations into one, the Old City and the New City, the perfect starting place for exploring Puerto Rico’s best treasures.  Some of the most spectacular man-made attractions are within the 7 block historic district of Old San Juan.

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Top Points of interest included in our list:

  • Old San Juan – The forts of San Juan National Historic Site (Castillo San Felipe del Morro & Castillo San Cristobal), Paseo de la Princesa, Cuartel de Ballaja  & Museo Las Americas, Catedral de San Juan Bautista “San Juan Cathedral”, Nuyorican Cafe, Casa Blanca Museum,  Cementerio San Maria Magdalena de Pazzis, Plaza de Armas, La Fortaleza
  • Condado – La Ventana al Park Park, Condado Beach, Playita del Condado, Laguna del Condado, Ashford Drive.
  • Puerta de Tierra – Balneario El Escambron, Playa Peña & the fort ruins.

Highlights - East Puerto Rico - Top Points of Interest

The east coast of Puerto Rico is home to some of the most popular resort communities.   Most of the popular tours leave from the town of Fajardo, offering a variety of fun excursions to the offshore Icacos Cay and the sleepy islands of Vieques & Culebra.

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Top Points of Interest on the East Coast:  Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay, Icacos Cay, Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, Luquillo Beach, Food Kiosks of Luquillo, Seven Seas Beach, El Yunque Rainforest (currently closed due to damage from Hurricane Maria).

Top Activities: Snorkeling, beach hopping, deep sea fishing, day trips to secluded islands, sunset cruises, kayaking bioluminescent bays, hiking and more…

Highlights - West Puerto Rico - Top Things to Do

The west coast of Puerto Rico has always been the preferred region for Puerto Ricans to vacation.  In Porta del Sol you’ll find some of the most impressive attractions in Puerto Rico.

Porta del Sol (named given to the west coast region) is loved by travelers wishing to experience a more authentic laid back beach town feel.  You’ll find yourself and filled with wonder as you travel along the west coast visiting towns along the coastline and up in the cool mountains.

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Top Points of Interest & Things to Do 

  • Rincon – this town is very attractive for tourists for surfing, beach hopping, great food at restaurants along the beach, artisan stands, events, horseback riding and more.
  • Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge – Cabo Rojo – beach, salt flats, visit Los Morrillos lighthouse, hike through the forest
  • Guanica State Forest – Guanica – hiking
  • Gilligan’s Island – Guanica – swimming, snorkeling, kayaking
  • La Parguera Nature Reserve – Lajas – swimming, kayaking, bioluminescent bay, food kiosks, experience local nightlife,
  • Isabela – surfing and swimming at natural pools.  Long walks on secluded beaches.  Golfing at Royal Isabela.
  • San German – walk around the historic district
  • Mayaguez – walk around the historic district, taste local food, visit the gardens of USDA-ARS Tropical Agriculture Research Station.

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Highlighs - North Puerto Rico - Top Things to Do

No matter where you stay in Puerto Rico, we highly recommend you rent a car, and head to the northern coast of Puerto Rico.  This tourist region offers visitors one of the best vacation day trips the entire family will rave about, packed with 4 really cool places.  Two of the places are world class attractions, including the Camuy River Cave Park and the Arecibo Observatory.

Points of Interest: Dorado, Toa Baja, Camuy, Arecibo, Manati, Quebradillas

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