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The Best Beach Hike in Puerto Rico

Cueva Survival - "Survival Beach" - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Giant boulders, crystal clear water, soft honey gold sand, hidden caves, peacefully uncrowded.

It take a little effort to get to these beaches, but if you’re looking to take a short hike with a great reward, head to Surfer’s Beach and follow the trail to Tabletop and Cueva Survival Beach, located right on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico in the town of Aguadilla.  Although these beaches are not safe for swimming, the landscape certainly puts them on our list of most scenic beaches in Puerto Rico… Survival is undoubtedly the gem of Aguadilla.  If you love photography, Cueva Survival & Tabletop Beach ought to be on your top ten list of places to visit while in Puerto Rico.

Survivor Beach - Aguadilla - Puerto Rico Beach Vacation

We may put it on our list of best beaches in Puerto Rico…we are afraid to do it, we may just lose that secluded feeling we love.  The hike keeps the average visitor from visiting, so most likely it will remain a very special “secret” place that only the more adventurous nature lover will get to enjoy.   As visitors continue to visit this hidden beach, we have no doubt that Survivor Beach will be placed on “best beaches” lists across the Caribbean.  Most of the traffic to this beach is during summer months when local families and group of local teens crave a beach adventure.   Weekdays from fall to late spring, these beaches are blissfully quiet.  When the conditions are favorable during winter months, you’ll spot surfers riding the waves at Tabletop & Survival.

The Hike to Tabletop & Survival Beach

The hike to the beaches takes about 20 minutes, for the average person, it is an easy hike.  No sandals, a good pair of sneakers is recommended for safety.  For individuals that may have some mobility challenges, this hike is not recommended, this is a natural trail with no man made paths or handrails.

You’ll be hiking on a narrow trail going up and down hill.  The branches along the trail can help as handrails, thick tree roots serve as steps.  You’ll want to stop along the way to take in the breathtaking scenery, parts of the trail are shaded by a thick canopy.

Romantics seeking for adventure will enjoy this experience.  Once down on the beach, you can walk together and explore the sights, you’ll find little hideaways to steal a kiss and plenty of Instagram worth backgrounds for the perfect vacation photo memory.

First Stop…Tabletop Beach

As your hike ends, a natural stairway with bushes serving as drapes framing a doorway…with a sign that says…Welcome to Paradise!

Tabletop is a surfer’s spot, named after the rock formation on the water, once here you’ll see why.  Giant boulders are perfectly scattered on the water and along the shore … you’ll have a magazine worthy scene just about everywhere you turn.

As you walk around, be sure to have a seat on a boulder to share the magic with your loved one or friends.

Survival Beach / Playa Survival - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

If you take your time, you’ll find small caves and hideaway spots…

Survival Beach / Playa Survival - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

As you begin walking along the shore, it will be very tempting to jump in, be aware Tabletop is not a swimming beach, there are no lifeguards around or nearby, every activity you do at this beach, you do at your own risk.  Depending on the tide, you may have to walk over rocks, the tide is higher during the winter, at times it may not be possible or safe to walk over to Survival, please always put your safety first.

If you keep walking east, you’ll get to Cueva Survival Beach.

Survival Beach / Playa Survival - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Cueva Survival Beach

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Survivor Beach - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Map of Survival Beach – Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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