Getting to Cabo Rojo is easy and convenient, no place is too far in Puerto Rico.  The island has major highways just like in the USA.  We highly recommend that you rent a car at the San Juan or Aguadilla Airport in order to explore all that Cabo Rojo and the Porta del Sol region has to offer.

From Aguadilla Airport to Cabo Rojo

Directions:   Approximate driving time: 50 minutes, 32 miles

Tips: Work Traffic in the afternoon gets quite heavy, it’s best to travel mid morning to 3pm.

  • Start out going north on Calle Antonio R Barcelo Moreno toward Guard Rd
  • Take the 1st left onto Guard Rd.
  • Turn left onto Calle Crown.
  • Take the 1st right onto Avenida Ing Orlando Alárcon.
  • Turn left onto PR-107/Avenida Borínquen. Continue to follow PR-107.
  • PR-107 becomes Calle San Rafael.
  • Turn slight right onto PR-2 S/Rafael Hernandez. Continue to follow PR-2 S. Drive about 21 miles.
  • Merge onto PR-100 via EXIT 161 toward Cabo Rojo.

From San Juan Airport to Cabo Rojo

Directions:  Approximate driving time: 1 hour 35 minutes.  More or less with traffic.

The drive to the west coast is very pleasant, the highway cuts right through the central mountains, you’ll pass valleys, farms with the Caribbean Sea in the distance.  There are plenty of places along the way with great food and shopping. The highway is modern, safe with good signs. It’s actually a very enjoyable drive.

  • Start out going southeast on Avenida Jose a Tony Santana toward PR-190
  • Turn right onto PR-190.
  • Take the PR-26 W ramp.
  • Merge onto PR-26 O/Expreso Román Baldorioty de Castro. (5.2 miles)
  • Merge onto PR-18 S/PR-22 O/Autopista José de Diego toward Bayamón/Caguas/Río Piedras. (1.5 miles)
  • Keep left to take PR-18 S via EXIT 2A toward Río Piedras/Cupey/Caguas. (4.1 miles)
  • PR-18 S becomes PR-52 S (Portions toll). (67 miles)
  • Merge onto PR-2 O via the exit on the left toward Mayagüez/Guayanilla. (39.8 miles)
  • Merge onto PR-100 via EXIT 161 toward Cabo Rojo. (4.8 miles)