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Rompeolas is a long beach in the municipality of Aguadilla.  Rompeolas offers two distinct beaches, we will refer to them as (north and south sides).  Rompeolas (south) is in pretty good shape after Hurricane Maria.  Rompeolas (north) also known as Tamarindo by locals, was heavily affected by Hurricane Maria, most of the palm trees are gone and the beach is much narrower.

Rompeolas Beach - South Side


Over the past few years, the municipality has been working on creating a more family friendly beach spot residents and visitors alike can enjoy.  Prior to Hurricane Maria, the Malecon area was looking at its best, the area is still undergoing renovations but the beach is still beautiful and worth visiting for travelers wishing to swim in clear water, eat good food and experience an authentic laid back local beach town atmosphere. 

Rompeolas Beach offers some of the clearest water along the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, with gorgeous shades of turquoise. 

You’ll see a rock jetty that was created to control the surf.  The beach area closest to the jetty offers the best swimming water all year round.  This beach spot is the best for small children in Aguadilla.  Keep in mind there are no lifeguards on the beach, you swim at your own risk.  Police station building is right behind the beach along the road.   Rompeolas is a popular beach among locals, but it doesn’t get as full of Crashboat.  Summer times is the busiest time with mostly local families.  During the winter months, you may be sharing the beach with a few families and vacationer on weekdays. 

There is plenty of free parking with easy access to the beach, one of the reasons it attracts families.

Across the street you can find restaurants offering a variety of foods from traditional Puerto Rican fritters to cafe foods to hamburgers and steaks.  There are various kioks offering ice cream, coffee, frappes, pastries and more. 

Malecon - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

If you’re wondering what the jetty is like, it used to be a narrow asphalt road, but it is completely damaged.

During summer months, the water can be very calm, and we’ve seen local teens swimming / snorkeling along the jetty.  Again, there are no lifeguards at Rompeolas, never swim or snorkel alone.

A Few More Photos – Rompeolas (South Side)

Rompeolas Beach North aka Tamarindo


The north side of Rompeolas has a completely different feel, if you get there in the morning  you can watch fishermen waiting for friends with their catch and hanging out by their boat discussing their morning at sea.

If you’re a traveler wishing to get a glimpse of the simplicity of island life, Rompeolas is a good place.  Fishermen are happy to give you fishing tips, show off their catch, smile for a picture and share local stories.  Most prefer to speak Spanish but some can speak some English.

Rompeolas is a good beach for beachcombing, you can often find some pretty good seaglass pieces.  A little further south, you can find seaglass at Playa Colon, but it is not as polished as the ones we’ve found at Rompeolas.  You may find yourself searching along local artisans searching for pieces to use on their creations.

Rompeolas Beach - Local artist searching for seaglass

Before & After Maria

Rompeolas (north) / Tamarindo Before Hurricane Maria


Remembering Rompeolas / Tamarindo Beach before Hurricane Maria

Before Hurricane Maria, the north side of Rompeolas offered a nice sandy beach with beautiful calm water.  Beach umbrellas, toys, beach balls and fishermen boats brighten up the shores in perfect contrast to the blue water.

If you don’t know the history of the coastline of Puerto Rico, Rompeolas is a good place to understand it.  The coastline was not the preferred place for the wealthy to live, humble fishermen and their families often built small homes along the water because they didn’t have land.  As owners have aged, passed away or moved to the United States, some homes have been  abandoned yet the government does not have the rights to obtain the property, so they slowly get sold and a new owner fixes it or demolishes to rebuild.   So as you walk down the beach, you will see some nice little homes and some that are in bad shape in such an enviable location.  In Puerto Rico just because you see an old home, does not equal to a “bad” neighborhood…humble Puerto Ricans are some of the nicest and happiest people you’ll ever meet.

View of the length of Rompeolas looking south.

The spot at the north end of Rompeolas is really beautiful with calm shallow water, rocks and boulders adorning the shore.

A Few More Photos of Rompeolas (north Side) Before Maria

Map of Rompeolas Beach - Aguadilla, PR


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Playa Rompeolas Map - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Playa Rompeolas (1) Map - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico: 18.432417, -67.155206
Playa Rompeolas (2) / Tamarindo Map - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico: 18.435635, -67.156410

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