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The Surfing Capital of the Caribbean

Rincon…you probably heard the name on the Beach Boys tune “Surfing Safari”.  Rincon is a surfing beach town located in the west coast region of Puerto Rico and the location of the fourth World Surfing Championship in 1968.  Rincon is well known for its picture perfect sunsets everyday of the year.  A-List celebrities choose Rincon for privacy, uncrowded scenes, and pampering intimate accommodations. Rincon is also a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons.  Rincon is a great place for those seeking to experience a laid back and authentic beach town that’s also tourist friendly.  We’ve included a map below to help you find your way to the best spots in Rincon.

Quick Facts about Rincon, Puerto Rico

Map - Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Location:  Rincòn is just west of the pueblos of Añasco and Aguada
  • Land Area: 36 sq km (13.8 sq mi)
  • Hymn: Rincon es mi pueblo querido
  • Tourism Information Office:
    • Rincon Municipal Tourist Office  Tel: 787-823-5024
    • Rincon Recreation & Sports Tel: 787-823-9535
    • PRTC in Aguadilla Tel: 787-890-3315
  • Festivals / Events:
    • Festival del Coco – usually held in May
    • Fiestas Patronales de Santa Rosa de Lima held late August / early September.
    • Corona Pro Circuit Surfing – usually held in March

The Flag of Rincon

Bandera de Rincon, Puerto Rico / Flag of Rincon, PR

By Nancystodd

Points of Interest & Things to Do in Rincon

Although the list of attractions in Rincon is not very long, there are snorkeling and scuba diving tours available as well as full days of exploring beaches, the charming town, driving through the hillside and the nearby points of interest in nearby neighboring towns of Porta del Sol.

Beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico

With so many wonderful beaches (see map below), the most popular activity in Rincon is enjoying the beaches.  Rincon is the most popular beach destination on the west coast for surfers.  Although a popular vacation destination, you’ll find the coast remarkably relaxed with small crowds.   There are plenty of beaches to explore for a full week.  The best time to surf is during the winter months, of course winter does not mean cold here, temperatures remain balmy all year round with cooler breezes at night.  During the summer months, the beaches are even quieter, and the waters calmer.  One of the best snorkeling beaches is in Rincon during the months of summer.  Rincon is a great central location on the west, so you have access to many more beaches on the west coast.


Steps Beach is known for its crystal clear waters, especially during summer months, when you can enjoy excellent snorkeling. See its location on the map below.


Rincon is blessed with numerous and world-renowned surf breaks (see map below).  Some are so good they are host to annual Pro Circuit surfing events for Level 4 surfers.  Rincon also has a couple of surf breaks perfect for beginners, Level 1, and immediate surfers, Levels 2 -3.  Surfing is best during winter months and when the wind is blowing east.

Popular surf breaks for more advanced surfers include:

  • Dome’s
  • Maria’s
  • Antonio’s
  • Rivermouth

Popular surfing spots for beginners are:

  • Little Malibu (Marina Beach)
  • Sandy Beach

Punta Higuero Lighthouse Park

Bring your camera for some great photo opportunities. During the winter months you can spot humpback whales and watch surfers ride curled waves.  The lighthouse park is a great place to watch the sunset and for a quick jog.   More about the Rincon lighthouse park. 

The Plaza in Downtown Rincon / La Plaza en el Pueblo de Rincon, Puerto Rico

The Plaza in Downtown Rincon

The plaza of Rincon in “El Pueblo” (Downtown), is an active place love by both residents and visitors.  The Plaza of Rincon is an active cultural center where many cultural events are held throughout the year.  Make sure you visit on a Sunday, farmers sell fresh produce, artists sell their crafts, enjoy live music and delicious food.  Around the plaza you’ll find many local shops with unique items.

Rincon Cultural Center

Please come and support this small museum which makes great efforts to support the community arts.  Visitor’s can look through the library and a few exhibits.  Several workshops are held throughout the year.

  • Location: Rt. 413 Km 0.2.
  • Tel: 787-823-5120
  • Hours: Please call

Scenic Dining Spots

On the map below, we have marked our favorite dining spots in Rincon…primarily due to the beachside or hilltop views you can take in while enjoying your favorite foods or some drinks.  Rincon is a very laid back area / community, and the restaurants, bars and grills have very relaxing atmospheres – just like Rincon.

Our favorite is the Tamboo Bar & Seaside Grill, which sits right on Sandy Beach, and was recently ranked as one of the top 50 beach bars in the world by CNN GO!

Bicycling, Hiking & Horseback Riding

Enjoy great views of the beach, surfers, the Caribbean, and Isla Desecheo, while hiking, mountain biking, or riding horseback along the Domes Beach coastline and the trail just northeast of Playa Domes that extends along the old historic Spanish Wall.

Rincon Surf Report

Hotels, Resorts & Small Inns - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon of the Seas

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Rincon Beach Resort

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Not only does Rincon offer amazing beaches, it is one destination with much variety of accommodations to meet the needs of just about every type of traveler.  Choose from luxurious intimate hotels A-List Celebrities and honeymooners love to small inns for more budget minded travelers.  Beachfront hotels is not only for high budget vacations, there are plenty of mid size accommodations right on the water or within walking distance.  Groups and big families can opt to rent an apartment or luxurious spacious villa or house.

Check for hotels, flight and vacation deals in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Map of Rincon, Puerto Rico

Beaches, Hotels, Resorts, Points of Interest & more

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

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Map Use Instructions

Tours & Services for the Visitor

Artisans & Galleries

  • Galeria de Arte Enid  Te: 787-396-6102
  • Maureen Schmidt  Tel: 787-362-6518
  • Ocean Girl Collections Tel: 787.672.5284
  • Oceano Sea Glass Jewelry Tel: 787-560-2474
  • Playa Oeste Gallery Tel: 787-823-4424
  • Rincon Pottery Tel: 787-546-8435


  • AdvenTours / Excursiones Guariquen Tel: (787) 530-8311
  • Adventours Tourmarine Tel: 787-255-2525
  • Mona Aquatics  Tel: 878-851-2185
  • Oceans Unlimited  Tel: 787-823-2340


  • Aquatica Deive & Bike Adventures Tel: 787-890-6071
  • Mona Aquatics Tel: 878-851-2185
  • Oceans Unlimited Tel: 787-823-2340


  • Adventures Tourmarine Tel: 787-255-2525
  • Light Tackle Adventure Fishing Tel:  (787) 547-7380 /  (787) 849-1430
  • Parguera Fishing Charter Tel: 787-899-4698


  • Rincon Trolley & Tour Guide Tel: 787-823-5024

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