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Playa Tres Palmas is wonderful in every way.  Excellent surfing beach, a nice beach for honeymooners with quiet romantic spots, and a great starting point for a long walk on the beach with the whole family.

Rincon - Tres Palmas Nature Reserve - Steps Beach

Tres Palmas offers beach bums a great place to lounge and enjoy a good show of surfers and breathtaking sunsets at the end of a glorious day on the beach.  Access and parking is convenient with food and drinks onsite.

Tres Palmas Beach is also known as Steps Beach (Playa Escalera) for the concrete steps sitting on the sand. Kids love them, it’s a great spot for photos with the whole family.

Steps beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico


Tres Palmas is known as one of the best surfing beaches in the Caribbean.  With waves up to 25 feet during the winter months and beyond break of almost a mile out, Tres Palmas is for experienced surfers in excellent physical shape.  If you’re not a surfer, be sure to bring your lounge chair for a great show over the winter months.

Natural pools are created by the water crashing onto the coral walls, a nice cool place to watch surfers.

Tres Palmas - Watching Surfers in Rincon, Puerto Rico


The beach is easy to access from the main road.  At the end of the narrow dirt path, a beautiful beach awaits with few buildings on site thanks to the efforts of community groups that protested to keep major developments from taking over the shores of this natural treasure in Porta del Sol (the west coast of Puerto Rico).


Palm and almond trees line up the back of the beach providing some shade and a natural feel.   The sand is golden and soft, the beach is not very wide in the winter months.


You can take a beautiful walk along the beach leading to unique romantic spots.  During the winter months, most of Rincon’s visitors are riding the waves, making lounging and walking on the beach a relaxing romantic experience without heavy crowds.


Sit on a fallen tree and let your cares slip away as you listen to the ocean waves.


Summer Months at Playa Tres Palmas / Steps Beach

Summer in Rincon, Puerto Rico

During the spring and summer months, Tres Palmas (Steps Beach) has a totally different scene.   From mid April – October, the 20 + feet waves turn to calmer waters, allowing snorkelers to explore the healthy coral reef down below.  The best time to snorkel is in the morning, the water is calm and clear.  Steps Beach is one of the best snorkeling beaches on the west coast, you can explore a healthy, abundant and colorful underwater garden where you can spot the following:

  • Elkhorn coral community communities
  • Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Common Reef Fishes such as: Parrot Fish, Blue Tang, Surgeonfish, Sergeant Major, Yellowtail
  • Hawksbill Turtles
  • Spiny Lobsters


The coral reef runs right along the length of the beach.  Best way to get in, is through the main beach area where the bottom is more sandy.   If you get in through the north side along the concrete steps, beware that it drops off quickly.   If you swim out farther, the waters are sometimes calmer and the visibility better.   Be sure to swim / snorkel with someone else for safety, there are no lifeguards at Steps, all activities are at your own risk.  We recommend you wear fins and long sleeve snorkeling / scuba clothing to protect your skin from accidental scratches.  The waves could push you against the sharp coral floor along the concrete steps.  Please refrain from snorkeling during the winter months or when the waves are rougher in the summer, we’ve seen people get nasty scratches on their body from being pushed by the waves.

Parking –  You will enter through a dirt path, you may park along the sides.  There’s more parking at the end of the road but limited.

Food – There’s a food truck right at the entrance of the beach with nice food choices and drinks.

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Photo Gallery of Steps Beach / Tres Palmas

Map of Tres Palmas / Steps Beach

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Steps Beach - Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, Rincon, Puerto Rico

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Steps Beach - Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, Rincon, Puerto Rico 18.349809, -67.264325 Steps Beach, Rincon, Puerto RicoAccess: Puerto Rico Route 413 (Directions)


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