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Puerto Rico Vacation Destinations

More than a vacation, it is our goal that visitors to Puerto Rico have meaningful, extraordinary experiences as they connect with all the beauty found on the best vacation destinations on the island.  One of the most important decisions when planning a great vacation in Puerto Rico is choosing the right destination.  Although Puerto Rico is ONE island, various towns and cities are considered tourist destinations on their own.

We speak to many travelers visiting Puerto Rico.  The ones that are somewhat disappointed have one issue in common…they didn’t pick the right destination for their specific travel needs.  It is our goal to help you pick the right destination for YOU and YOUR family.

Destinations: Puerto Rico is divided into 78 municipalities (we’ll refer to them as towns) including the offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra.  Although, many towns have their own charm and places of interest, we refer to destinations as tourist friendly places complete with hotels, restaurants, places of interest and enough activities to give visitors a wonderful vacation experience.

You can choose to come back to Puerto Rico seven times, and have a different vacation experience each time.  You won’t believe you’re visiting the same island.  Each region and offshore island has it’s own unique characteristics and vibe.  If you’re worried about a boring vacation, it won’t happen in Puerto Rico.   Our guide will help you choose the best place (destination) to stay in Puerto Rico for YOUR travel needs.

Language:  English speaking visitors will find plenty of staff and locals at restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and tour operators to make you feel comfortable during your stay.

We are travelers just like you, and we understand the value of a hard earned and needed vacation.  Unlike many other guides you’ll find online, this guide is not driven by hotel sales or sponsorships.  We take pride in writing honest, unbiased guides, based on real experiences.  We do not accept payments for reviews or coverage of a destination, service or hotel.  We pay for our food, tours and hotel stays – keeping us objective and without obligation to write a favorable review for a service given or a specific place.  Our articles get plagiarized a lot, even by the “big” ones.  We travel around the island extensively.  We take our own photos (with the exception of some due to model releases).  Our work is fueled by our desire to share Puerto Rico and help you plan a vacation filled with extraordinary experiences you’ll cherish forever. 

Great Places to Stay & Vacation in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Capital City of Puerto Rico

San Juan is the most popular vacation destination in Puerto Rico.  City lovers will enjoy a vibrant nightlife, extraordinary dining, excellent hotel options from luxury to budget friendly, world class attractions and of course amazing beaches from Miami Beach style to secluded just minutes away.  Within the capital city, there are various vacation destinations each with its own vibe and style.

Map of the Top Vacation Destinations in Puerto Rico

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Tourist Destinations in Puerto Rico

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Lajas (La Parguera), Puerto Rico: 17.976774, -67.048187
Old San Juan - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.466446, -66.117241
Isla Verde - Carolina, Puerto Rico: 18.443706, -66.026201
Culebra, Puerto Rico: 18.308971, -65.290935
Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.152050, -65.441437
Dorado, Puerto Rico: 18.459664, -66.267300
Fajardo, Puerto Rico: 18.327314, -65.652409
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico: 18.380429, -65.841408
Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.505657, -67.024841
Rincon, Puerto Rico: 18.339700, -67.250700
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: 18.087000, -67.145900
Guanica, Puerto Rico: 17.971630, -66.907950
City of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: 18.202121, -67.139082
San German, Puerto Rico: 18.085404, -67.041836
City of Ponce, Puerto Rico: 18.020528, -66.610107

More Towns and Cities to Visit in Puerto Rico

Tourist Regions of Puerto Rico

When you read the term region, it may be a little confusing to you, but for travelers who know Puerto Rico well, it makes total sense, once you’re here, you’ll appreciate these guides too.  The Puerto Rico Tourism Company decided to divide the island into tourist regions, it makes it much easier to explore the island due to proximity and roads. Basically if you stay at any destination within a region, you’ll have a guide to help you plan great daytrips.

  • Porta Atlantico – The North Coast of Puerto Rico – The north coast of Puerto Rico, the new and upcoming tourist destination on the island, a playground for golfers and those seeking for adventure. Porta Atlantico is the home to the awe inspiring third largest cave system in the world and the largest radio telescope in the world. Explore the north coast attractions of Puerto Rico.
  • Porta del Sol – The West Coast of Puerto Rico  The west coast of Puerto Rico, known for its amazing sunsets, best surfing beaches in the Caribbean, scenic bathing bays, elegant lighthouses, relaxed and casual island vibe, miles and miles of beaches, offshore secluded islands, small mangrove cays for snorkeling, long deep coral walls, the best scuba diving and exciting tarpon fishing.  Explore the attractions of the west coast of Puerto Rico.
  • Porta Antillas – The East Coast of Puerto Rico The east coast of Puerto Rico, home to the enchanting rainforest of El Yunque, picturesque Blue Flag beaches, one of the few bioluminescent bays in the world, nature reserves, and the gateway to the sleepy and stunningly beautiful islands of Vieques and Culebra. Most of Puerto Rico’s resorts are on the east coast. Explore the east coast attractions of Puerto Rico.
  • Porta Caribe – The South Coast of Puerto Rico  The south coast of Puerto Rico, home to the historic municipality of Ponce, a town with elegant streets with restored Spanish colonial buildings, rich history, art museums, and Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island), one of the offshore secluded islands of Puerto Rico that you can enjoy for the day. Learn more about the Porta Caribe Destination.
  • Vieques & Culebra – Offshore Islands of Puerto Rico  Just a few miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, you can enjoy the sleepy gorgeous islands of Isla de Vieques & Isla de Culebra. To sailors they are known as the Spanish Virgin Islands, for decades they were a secret destination for beach lovers seeking for quiet and uncrowded scenes with untouched natural beaches with perfect snorkeling conditions and magical natural attractions. Learn more about Vieques & Culebra.