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Puerto Rico Beaches - Tourist Guide

Puerto Rico is a beach lover’s playground.  There are over 300 beaches to enjoy year round,  no two are alike.  As travelers we understand the importance of your vacation.  Before you book your hotel, please read through the guide, without proper planning you may end up disappointed.  Our goal is to help you plan a beach vacation you’ll love, cherish, and may wish to repeat again.  We have experienced Puerto Rico from a tourist, traveler and local perspective.  We are not associated with any hotels, resorts or businesses, all our guides are based on our experiences and independent of any advertisements.

This page provides the following beach guides, we continually add more.

  • Best beaches in Puerto Rico
  • San Juan / Metro beaches
  • Best secluded beaches and destinations
  • Best snorkeling beaches
  • Best Balnearios of Puerto Rico
  • Beaches of Vieques
  • Beaches of Culebra
  • Best beaches in the west coast of Puerto Rico
  • Best beaches in the north coast of Puerto Rico
  • Best beaches in the east coast of Puerto Rico
  • Beach guides by town

The diversity of beaches around the island is astounding.  Puerto Rico offers beaches from untouched by development, to Miami style in the capital city of San Juan.  Puerto Rico offers beaches with hotels, where guests can enjoy all the pleasures of a Caribbean vacation, without having to leave the property.   In contrast, Puerto Rico possesses offshore islands, cays and islets with beaches unceasingly praised for their natural, quiet and uncrowded qualities.

The landscape of beaches around the island is very diverse across every region.  Puerto Rico has beach coves perfectly framed by palm trees with turquoise waters, to beaches with dramatic landscapes on the north side protected by cliffs and rock walls.  If you love water sports, you can do them all in Puerto Rico; from riding waves on world class surfing beaches to paddle boarding on calm waters.

Locals have their favorite beaches, but the needs of tourists and travelers are quite different.  Most locals want a great beach with an authentic Puerto Rican atmosphere.  The average family living on the island can do without many of the amenities, conveniences, services and conditions that most visitors come to expect.  Tourists may prefer to stay at a beach with a hotel that offers water sports and services without leaving the property, while travelers typically prefer to drive around a destination in order to explore the less touristy beaches, learn about the culture and go where the locals go.  Perhaps you’re a good mix of traveler and tourist like we are, we’ll create a beach guide for you too.

We’ll do our best to simplify your planning, by giving you an overview.

Beaches in the San Juan / Metro Area

Beaches in San Juan / Isla Verde Districts - Puerto Rico

The capital city of San Juan is the top popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico.  San Juan has two beach destinations, Condado and Ocean Park.  While the beaches in San Juan don’t possess the qualities of the more pristine beaches around the island, the variety of water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, surfing, and windsurfing, make San Juan a popular beach destination.

The tourist district of Isla Verde is a popular beach destination in the metro area, located in Carolina, the town next door to San Juan, home to San Juan International Airport (SJU).  Isla Verde is a great weekend beach escape, just minutes from the airport, with great city beaches, a vibrant nightlife, family friendly beachfront resorts, just a 15 minute taxi ride from Old San Juan.  More about Isla Verde Beaches.

Places to Stay on / near the beaches in San Juan: 

Families with children who want to swim, consider staying at one of the beachfront hotels in Isla Verde’s Pine Grove Beach.  In Condado, take a look at the Condado Plaza with easy access to La Playita del Condado or Caribe Hilton.  Please keep in mind that if you rent a car, San Juan is a great home base location with easy access to more wonderful beaches around the island.

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Beaches - The best 10

With hundreds of beaches on the main island alone, visitors and friends often ask us, which are the best beaches in Puerto Rico?  That’s a tough question, but from our own experience, visitor feedback and expert reviews, we have compiled a list of the best. Read our guide to the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

Best Snorkeling Beaches

Best snorkeling beaches in Puerto Rico, Vieques and Culebra

The main island offers beaches, cays and islets with great snorkeling spots.  The offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra are the best snorkeling destinations in Puerto Rico.  Best snorkeling beaches in Puerto Rico.

Places to Stay with excellent snorkeling beaches:

Best Secluded Beaches & Destinations

Best secluded beaches in Puerto Rico
Travelers dreaming of total seclusion and idyllic postcard perfect beaches, don’t have to fly across the globe to Fiji or spend a lot of money to stay on a secluded island, Puerto Rico fulfills those dreams and no passport is required for US citizens.

Puerto Rico possesses offshore islands with beaches voted among the best in the Caribbean, free of crowds.  Spend days beach hopping through nature reserves with miles of beaches untouched by development. We’ll tell you of laid back beach towns unexploited by tourism with plenty of quiet beaches to explore.

Guide to best secluded beaches and destinations in Puerto Rico. 


Balnearios in Puerto Rico

The most popular beaches among locals are called Balnearios, which literally translates to bathing places.  Balnearios are government run beaches, they’re cleaned, monitored for water quality, with a variety of facilities and services.  Balnearios are considered the best beaches for swimming in Puerto Rico, most of them are located in protected bays with designated swimming areas and lifeguards onsite.  Puerto Rico participates in the Blue Flag program, many Balnearios win the coveted award year after year.  The top 5 balnearios are: Balneario Escambron in San Juan, Balneario Monserrate (Luquillo Beach) in Luquillo, Balneario de Boqueron in Cabo Rojo.  The other two are on the offshore islands: Balneario Sun Bay in Vieques, and Balneario Flamenco in Culebra.

Beaches in Vieques

Beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico

With the opening of W Retreat & Spa, Vieques is the ultimate mix of luxury and old Caribbean.  If you’re dream of intimate beach coves without crowds, where you can relax, swim and snorkel Isla de Vieques may be for you.  Vieques is home to Sun Bay Beach, one of the top 5 Balnearios under the Puerto Rican flag.  La Chiva (Blue Beach), has gotten much attention in the past few years, making it to the top lists of “Best Caribbean Beaches by Trip Advisor” and “Best Beaches in the World by Conde Nast Traveler.  More about beaches in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

West Coast Beaches – Porta del Sol

Beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico / Porta del Sol

Beach lovers that prefer more of laid back and authentic beach towns, head over to Porta del Sol.  The west coast is an exciting destination offering beach lovers a diversity of beaches to explore.  Surf the waves of Isabela, Aguadilla and Rincon.  Rincon is known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean.   As you head south towards the Caribbean side, the waters become more turquoise and calmer with beautiful beach coves to explore.

In Porta del Sol, there are various cays you can visit for the day to add a little variety to your beach vacation.  High season is actually in the summer, so in the winter months, you’ll have many beaches to explore without crowds.  If you’re a beach lover, all you need is a car rental and an adventurous spirit.  More about the beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

East Coast Beaches – Porta Antillas

Beaches on the east coast of Puerto Rico.

The east coast is an interesting beach destination.  In the town of Luquillo you can enjoy one of the prettiest Balnearios in Puerto Rico.  Fajardo offers a few nice beaches great for swimming and snorkeling.  Drive southeast and you can enjoy a long walk along the shore of Maunabo, a romantic beach with scenic beauty and a lighthouse.   Stay at El Conquistador and enjoy the private island of Palomino Island.  The east coast offers access to the sleepy islands of Vieques and Culebra, where you’ll find the most secluded and pristine beaches under the Puerto Rico flag.  Take a charter to Icacos Cay for a fun day of snorkeling on crystal clear waters.  More about the beaches on the east coast of Puerto Rico.

North Coast Beaches – Porta Atlantico

Guide to Best beaches on the north coast of Puerto Rico

The beaches of the north coast are on the Atlantic Ocean side.  The landscape is very dramatic, the most beautiful spots are framed by cliffs, rock walls, hidden caves and postcard perfect tidal pools.  Rent a car, you’ll have a few days worth of exploring hidden beaches not many tourists get to experience. If you love taking long walks on the beach, lounging on a beach chair, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and watching the roaring ocean waves, you’ll love the north coast of Puerto Rico.  Be sure to read our guide for the best beaches on the north coast of Puerto Rico.

Beaches by Town / City / Island / District

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