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Pozo de Jacinto - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Singularly beautiful work of art created by nature sits on an ocean-side cliff.  More than a mysterious keyhole opening a door to the sea, this is the location for one of the favorite local legends, but also a sad one.  Historically there is no proof that this occurred.  Originally, this cave was called El Pozo de Jobos (Jobos Well), the depth is approximately 28-30 feet deep.

Beware:  Don’t get too close or do so at your own risk, there are no lifeguards on this area.   Please don’t leave your children unattended.  The rocks have very sharp edges, so walk with care and don’t get too close.  You may find videos on YouTube of crazy teenagers jumping in,  please refrain from following such reckless behavior. Waters are very dangerous here.  Enjoy this attraction responsibly.

Pozo de Jacinto - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Pozo de Jacinto Legend

Back in the early 1900’s, a farmer named Jacinto lived in the Jobos area.  He used to take his cows to pasture and he kept a habit of tying his cows’ ropes to his waist.   One day his mom asked him to take out the cows though the weather was bad.  There was lightening and thundering, a cow got frightened and fell into the well.  Sadly the cow took Jacinto with him down into the raging ocean.

Pozo de Jacinto - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Another version of the legend we’ve heard is:  There was a farmer named Jacinto.  One day as he was walking his herd of cows, his favorite one, which was always tied to his waist, walked too close to the edge, fell into the hole dragging Jacinto with him.  Both the cow and Jacinto died in this tragic accident.  The owner of the cow, went looking for him, went to this area and yelled “Jacinto dame la vaca!!!“.  It was then he noticed the raging sea going into the well every time he said that.

When you get to Pozo de Jacinto do the following:

  • Stand looking at the well
  • Yell 3 times: “¡Jacinto, traeme la vaca!!!”  (Jacinto, give me / bring me the cow).  You must say this in Spanish; Jacinto doesn’t speak English. ????
  • Then wait for the spirit of Jacinto to show his rage by the ocean waters coming in and up in to the well in anger.

To find Pozo de Jacinto, there’s a walkway from Jobos Beach on the west side.  Look for Pozo de Jacinto on the spot pictured below.

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