Puerto Rico South Coast - Porta Caribe

Porta Caribe is the name given to the central southern coast of Puerto Rico.  The most popular town is Ponce, the second largest city of Puerto Rico.  Depending on your interests you can spend a day or a full week exploring this region. Because of the region’s central location, if you choose accommodations in this region and get a car rental, you will have easy access to other attractions around the island on the west and east regions.

Main Attractions & Things to Do on the South Coast

For beach lovers, head to Caja de Muertos Island, an offshore secluded island with gorgeous beach, hiking trails and great snorkeling.   There are a few more beaches to explore on the area which mostly get a local crowd.

Ponce is the most popular destination on the south coast.  In Ponce you’ll find the most popular tourist attractions and things to do. Ponce is an elegant town with beautiful architecture, various museums, rich cultural events, historic sites.

Nature lovers will enjoy hiking at Caja de Muertos Island (787) 841-8160 and Bosque Estatal De Toro Negro (Toro Negro State Forest) (787) 999-2200.  The Marine Estuary Reserve at Bahia de Jobos in the town of Salinas offers trails and kayaking along the mangroves (787) 853-4617.

Getting to the southern coast

Porta Caribe Puerto Rico - The South Coast

Flying Here: You have two options,

Driving from San Juan: From the San Juan International Airport (Luis Munoz Marin), head south on Rt. 52. Most towns are easily accessible from Rt. 52.

Tour Operators

  • AdvenTours:  (787) 530-8311
  • Castillo Tours: (787) 791-6195
  • Duarte Tours: 787)765-0137
  • Encantos Ecotours en el Suroeste:  (787) 272-0005, (787) 519-5000
  • Hillbilly Tours: (939) 642-2580, (939) 642-2576, (787)-760-5618
  • Oneida Star Line: (787) 845-5883
  • Rico Suntours: (787) 722-2080
  • Royal Coach Tours: (787) 791-0331
  • Sunshine Tours: (787) 698-9667


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