Travelers come to Ponce to see architecture, to attend cultural events and visit the many museums.  As far as beaches, you’ll have to take a ferry to the offshore island of Caja de Muertos. A one night stay in Ponce is enough time to see the main attractions. You can spend a day at Caja de Muertos Island, take a romantic walk on the city early evening and take a few tours the next day.  Or if you choose, guided historical city and cultural tours are available that depart from your San Juan hotel.

Caja de Muertos


One not to be missed, well known for locals but still a secret unbeaten path in Puerto Rico. Gorgeous beach, a unique snorkeling “trail”, a working historic lighthouse and hiking trails with awesome views.  More about Isla Caja de Muertos




Parque de Bombas (Fireman’s Park)

Parque de Bombas, Ponce, Puerto Rico

The most well known landmark in Ponce. Historic wooden firehouse with antique engines and exhibits. A nice attraction for children.

Learn more about Parque de Bombas in Ponce.


Castillo Serralles

Castillo Serralles, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Take a tour of the elegant mansion built in the 1930′s in Spanish Revival architecture style. Mansion was the home of the owners of Don Q rum, original owners of well known Captain Morgan Rum, produced sugar and more. Phone: (787) 259-1774  Learn more about Castillo Serrales, map, directions, tours, more photos. new-window


La Cruceta del Vigia

Cruceta de Vigia - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Go up to the top and see the city of Ponce overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  This is a  historic site, the original tower was built in order to watch for enemy ships.



Ponce Puerto Rico Art Museum / Ponce de Arte de Ponce

You can spend an entire day just visiting the museums of Ponce. Visi the following: Museo de Arte de Ponce, Museo de la Arquitectura Ponceña, Museo de la Historia de Ponce, Museo de la Musica Puertorriqueña,  Museo Pancho Coimbre.


La Guancha Boardwalk

La Guancha - Ponce, Puerto Rico

A place to come on the afternoon to see the marina, feed the pelicans, eat great traditional food and enjoy live music. Learn more


Centro Ceremonial Indigena de Tibes

Ponce Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center - Puerto Rico

A museum of history and archeology that dates back to 400BC. Museum teaches about their roots and indigenous heritage, one of the most important archeological discoveries made in the Antilles.  An attraction very much worth visiting.  Phone: (787) 840-2255  Visit their website.    /   See map, directions.


Hacienda Buena Vista

Coffee and history buffs will enjoy a guided tour of this 19th century estate, an 87 acre coffee plantation.  Learn about coffee production methods back in the 1800’s.

Guided tours are daily. Tours in English are from Wednesday to Sunday at 1:30 by appointment so be sure to call (787) 284-7020.  More info here (English), here (Spanish), Photos at Flickr


Plaza Las Delicias

Plaza Las Delicias, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Like other towns in Puerto Rico, is located right at the center of town. This one is unique, it’s divided in two parts with the church right a the center. Learn more, see map, get directions. new-window


Catedral (Cathedral) Nuestra Sra. de la Guadalupe

A historic and elegant catholic church right at the center of the plaza. Worth visiting even if you’re not catholic.    Phone: (787) 842-0134 – Mon-Fri 6am – 2pm & 3pm – 8:30pm  Learn more about Catedral de Ponce, map, directions, and more photos. new-window

Ponce Cathedral - Catedral Nuestra Sra. de la Guadalupe - Ponce, Puerto Rico

“Chu-Chu Train”

Hop on for a free tour of the elegant historic city.


Panteón Nacional Román Baldorioty de Castro

Not the typical Caribbean tourist attraction but a interesting one for history buffs. Panteon Nacional is a  historic cemetery, a national historic site where illustrious Puerto Ricans are buried here. . If you know a little of the Puerto Rican history you may find this attraction worth your time.  Learn more, see map, photos and get directions new-window

Panteon Nacional - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ponce Trolley Tour

Free tours are given daily to the most historic zones. Catch it at the plaza. There are 3 routes, east, west and Castillo Serralles.