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Best Beach in Puerto Rico 2019

Having seen most of the coastline around the island of Puerto Rico, we know a special beach when we see it, Tamarindo earned the #1 spot on our 2019’s Best Beaches of Puerto Rico list.  We’ve enjoyed this beach various times, we visited in June and it took our breath away.  Workers made significant improvements to the entrance giving visitors a more welcoming experience with plenty of parking.  The drive to the beach is like no other on the island, you’ll drive on roads cutting through the dry forest with breathtaking views of cliffs, the Ensenada Bay and the rugged undeveloped coastline of Guanica.  Nearby are more great beaches to explore and one of our favorite resort and restaurant on the southwest coast of the island just minutes away (more details at the end of the page). 

Since the beach is along a nature reserve, Playa Tamarindo remains naturally landscaped the way nature intended.  There are no buildings in sight, visitors are completely embraced by the colors, sounds, unique textures, and shapes of the dry forest. 

After parking your vehicle,  you’ll walk along the boardwalk overlooking ponds, an important nesting site for Puerto Rican crested toad.  Please help us protect this natural treasure by walking on designated areas and never throwing any trash or food in the area. 

We begin on the first part of the beach, at the end of the first walkway, there a nice quiet spot, not for bathing but a quick spot to admire the beautiful coastline of Guanica.  

Playa Tamarindo - Beaches of Guanica, Puerto Rico

Take a walk east (left) to experience the best parts of Playa Tamarindo.  The water is deeper in the first beach stop, families with teens love it for its playful waves.   If you have a toddler, keep walking towards the end of the beach for shallow pool-like beach spots. 

Our favorite beach spot along Tamarindo Beach is farther east.   You’ll have to walk along the beach or take the hiking trail.  

The trail leads to a few entrances where the water gets more shallow… and beautifully clear.  You’ll also find a few shaded spots. 

Best Beach in Puerto Rico 2019

Families with small children will love the east side of Playa Tamarindo, the water is calm, crystal clear and shallow.   This is a perfect spot to put your lounge chair, soak your feet, read a book or simply let the Caribbean pleasures put your mind at rest. 

The water at Tamarindo Beach has endless shades of blues that extend far across the shoreline in the distance.  

Most tourists dreaming of a beach in the Caribbean think of perfect sandy white bottoms.  The east side of Tamarindo Beach has grass beds throughout, we find them beautiful as they add a stark contrast to the colors of the water, grass beds are also a playground for tiny fish.  As you wade on the water, you may find tiny friendly fish coming near your feet to greet you, kids will love the experience. 

Grass beds at Tamarindo Beach - Guanica, Puerto Rico

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