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Peña Blanca is a small beach located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico in the town of Aguadilla.  The waters of Peña Blanca welcomes visitors from late May until August and depending on the tide.  From fall to early spring, the tide goes all the way to the cliffs and the beach disappears.   Lucky ones to be the first to visit the beach for the summer season, get to feel like they just discovered a new beach, each year it looks a little different with a brand new thick carpet of clean sand, it is a naturally landscaped beach so visitors will find objects washed ashore.  Over the past few years, this beach has gained popularity among Puerto Ricans and travelers searching for Puerto Rico’s special off the beaten paths.  Playa Peña Blanca is a dreamy beach, set apart by its landscape.

After you park and begin walking towards the beach, you’ll walk down some old concrete steps leading down to shaded area where you’ll stand to enjoy a panoramic view of this beautiful beach.  A narrow pathway with concrete steps leads to the beach.   North, to the right on this spot is a small more intimate beach area.

At this spot, you can claim a shaded spot under palm trees with the best view of the beach where you can hang a hammock and experience one of the rich pleasures of island living.

We’ll start your online journey with the main beach area on the south side.  Immediately after you walk down the concrete steps, you’ll find a dreamy hideaway providing the perfect shaded cocoon to lay your towel on the sand and relax to the therapeutic benefits of the Caribbean Sea.

Get to the beach early during summer weekends to get the best spots, most locals tend to congregate on the main beach right down from the concrete steps.  As you keep walking south, you’ll find romantic spots away from the main crowd.

The water is crystal clear with various tones from aquamarine to deep blue on the horizon.

Bring your snorkel gear…

… underneath the surface, snorkelers can take glide above coral reefs where sea turtles are often spotted.  Please remember to treat coral reefs with care and respect by never stepping on, touching or taking anything away.

Bring everything you’ll need during your visit, sunblock, plenty of water and snacks. Stop at a fast food restaurant to use the restroom, there are no facilities at this beach.

Please help keep the beach beautiful by bringing a bag to put in your trash, take back with you and dispose at receptacle.  Please don’t bring glass bottles, and if you insist, dispose of the bottle cap in your trash bag. 

The North Side of Playa Peña

The north side of Playa Peña is a small beach that feels more intimate.   There are a few trees providing some shade.

Peña Blanca during the Winter

During the winter the beach disappears, the calm summer water becomes a playground for surfers on popular beaches nearby, the water reaches all the way back to the cliffs and dangerous conditions for swimming.  For those that don’t necessarily need to get in the water and seek for a relaxing place to read a book, write, paint or simply marvel at the view with a loved one, Playa Peña will not disappoint.

Parking at Peña Blanca

Parking is limited at Peña Blanca, there is a small area at the end of the street where a few cars can park.  There is a home that allows cars to be parked for $5.  The street leading to the beach is very narrow, but locals and visitors navigate quite well with traffic going both ways.   This beach gets busy during the summer, get here early to get a good parking (and beach) spot.

A Few More Photos of Playa Peña

Map – Playa Peña Blanca – Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Playa Peña Blanca Map - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 18.472235, -67.168917 Playa Peña Blanca - Aguadilla, Puerto RicoAguadilla Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico (Directions)

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