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Swim, play & relax on mellow waves. Marvel on the sights of clear waters coloured in shades of  aquamarine, emerald green & cerulean blues where pelicans play…

Caja de Muertos Island - Puerto Rico

Welcome to Playa Pelicano

No hotels or buildings behind you at Pelicano Beach.  When you visit Playa Pelicano, the focus is on the beautiful simplicity of the Caribbean Sea and birds flying free on a place designated to protect their existence.  Playa Pelicano is a small beach with calm waters perfect for a long swim across and for children to play.  As soon as the ferry gets near Caja de Muertos, you’ll see the beach cove and feel it’s call with it’s mesmerising colours.

Playa Pelicano was awarded the first Blue Flag Award located at a Nature Reserve in the Caribbean.

Pelican Beach / Playa Pelicano - One of the Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

As you sit on the beach, you’ll face the open Caribbean Sea and enjoy views of the silhouette of the rolling hills on the southern coast of Puerto Rico in the distance.

The water at Playa Pelicano is amazing, not too salty, it almost feels like fresh water on the skin.  The colors are one of the prettiest of all Puerto Rico from clear like crystal to aquamarine and deeper cerulean blues.  The bottom is perfectly sandy, it feels firm, soft and clean.  The waves are super gentle, making it a great beach for children.

Playa Pelicano - Caja de Muertos Island - Ponce, Puerto Rico

On the ground, sink your toes in creamy ivory coloured sand.  The back of the beach is beautifully lined with unique beach pebbles naturally coloured with a wide range of greens from dark olive to apple green.  Some of them have been perfectly smoothed and shined by water, wind and time.  Children will enjoy looking for little treasures that have washed up from the sea.

Pebbles at Playa Pelicano - Isla Caja de Muertos - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Beach pebbles at Pelicano Beach - Caja de Muertos, Puerto Rico

On south west end of Playa Pelicano, there are boulders, rocks and stilts from an old pier  where pelicans and seabirds love to hang out, kids and adults alike will enjoy watching them.

Pelicans and other birds hanging out by the old pier stilts at Isla Caja de Muertos.

Pelicans and other seabirds hanging out by the old pier stilts at Isla Caja de Muertos.

Boulderes at Playa Pelicano - Isla Caja de Muertos - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Rising behind the boulders is the hills of Los Morrillos, a protected bird nesting site for pelicans and other birds species.  Access is prohibited in order to protect the site.

Facilities at Pelicano Beach

Right next door and behind Playa Pelicano, there are gazebos with picnic tables for your enjoyment.  The most convenient gazebos are the first ones you’ll find as you enter the main visitor’s area.  There’s plenty of room for groups and families with grassy area for them to play. Restrooms (composting toilets) are in the vicinity. Be sure to bring your own wipes / toilet paper and hand sanitiser.  There is no running waters or showers for rinsing, so bring everything you will need for your day at the beach.

More about Caja de Muertos Island

Playa Pelicano - Isla Caja de Muertos - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Playa Pelicano - Caja de Muertos Island - Puerto Rico

Playa Pelicano view from the south end.

Playa Pelicano (Pelican Beach) - Isla Caja de Muertos, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico  >  Puerto Rico Islands  > Isla Caja de Muertos  >  Pelican Beach (Playa Pelicano)


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