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Playa Guajataca is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, with very unique traits unlike any other beach on the island.  This is a wonderful place for beach lovers that enjoy getting lost in the hypnotizing sights and sounds of the roaring Atlantic Ocean waves.

Playa Guajataca is part of the Rio Guajataca Park, which includes a beautiful river, a historic railroad tunnel, and a scenic walking trail along the Atlantic coast, making this beach one of the best places to take a long walk with panoramic photo ops along the way.


The west side of Playa Guajataca is the main beach, it is wide and long, with plenty of space even on a busy summer day.


Palm trees were recently planted to provide shade.  Spacing among the palm trees was perfectly designed to hang a hammock.  If you’re a traveler, you can buy a hammock on a roadside kiosk before getting her.  Bring your favorite book and enjoy the pleasures of a lazy day on a quiet beach in Puerto Rico.


The beach is divided by a rocky platform, an amazing spot with rocks and boulders that serve as seats to an unending show of waves crashing, waterfalls, and small tidal pools kids love.


This is a mesmerizing spot….


A family claimed the spot with the best wave show at the natural infinity pool.


Kid entertained at the small tidal pools by the infinity natural pool.


Use the natural infinity pool with care, and stay away during bad weather or high tide. There are no lifeguards at Guajataca Beach, you use the beach at your own risk.  Supervise children at all times.


Guajataca may not be safe for swimming, but the beauty and onsite attractions make up for it.  Playa Guajataca is a wonderful place for nature lovers who seek peace, quiet and relaxation. Families with children can enjoy this beach, children will enjoy a wide open outdoor playground with plenty of sand to build giant castles and spots to play near the water safely.  Just a few steps from the beach, the kids can play on the clear waters of Guajataca River.


For a little fun, have the kids find the head of the horse. (Photo below).  From there, you can head over to the east side beach, which gets less traffic.


Even on a busy day, you can easily find a quiet spot under a coconut palm tree.


During the afternoon, you may find a few locals fishing along the beach.


Cliffs frame the ends of Playa Guajataca, dotted by boulders so beautiful, you’ll want to pause and observe during your walk. The Guajataca Tunnel runs through the west side cliff.


After you’ve enjoyed this beach and the Guajataca River, cross the Guajataca Tunnel and visit the beach at the end of the trail.

Crowds at Guajataca Beach

The photo below was taken on a Saturday morning in April, there were two other couples on the beach.  Beach season for locals is during summer months, because this is not a beach safe for bathing, most local families head to Jobos Beach and Crashboat Beach.  Tourists traveling from September – Mid March, will most likely find Guajataca Beach to be quiet and secluded during weekdays.


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Map & Directions – Guajataca Beach, Puerto Rico

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Playa Guajataca, Quebradillas / Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Playa Guajataca, Quebradillas / Isabela, Puerto Rico 18.489540, -66.958462 Playa Guajataca, Isabela / Quebradillas, Puerto RicoPlaya Guajataca, Avenida Noel Estrada, Isabela, Puerto Rico (Directions)
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Guajataca River Park Attractions

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Area Recreativa Rio Guajataca, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico: 18.487912, -66.957057
Natural Infinity Pool, Guajataca, Puerto Rico: 18.489250, -66.957209
Playa Guajataca, Quebradillas / Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.489540, -66.958462
El Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico: 18.490018, -66.959838
Rio Guajataca / Guajataca River, Puerto Rico: 18.487790, -66.957722

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