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“Middle” seems like such a mundane, humdrum description.  Middles Beach on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico, couldn’t be further from that impression.  Strength. Power. Vitality.  These are much more accurate in portraying this coastal landscape that is a favorite of surfers.  The Corona Circuit surfing competition takes place here.  There are few thrills that match watching someone riding atop walls of liquid glass, except for perhaps being the surfer.

Middles Beach - One of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico - Isabela

Surfing event competitions such as Corona Pro Surf Circuit has taken place at Middles.

Of course, there are still all the hallmarks of a Puerto Rican beach, soft sand, leaning palms, sparkling waters. 

Rocky outcrops form walls against which ocean waves burst into foam and spray before settling into crags, becoming waterfalls and small puddles or moving farther inland to kiss the sand.  Picturesque Pozo Teodoro, just a short walk from Middles, is one of these tidal pools where the rock and water marry into a work of kinetic art.

Although there are no facilities, or piña coladas served on the beach, just down the road at Villa Pesquera or near Jobos you can find refreshment before heading here, or stock up with drinks and snacks at a local gas station.  

Remember to bring everything you’ll need for the beach, especially sunblock, water bottles

, snacks, and to keep your valuables safe from the water and salt spray, have a waterproof bag

Parking is free though please park at designated areas of the reserve and away from the sand dunes.