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Map of Puerto Rico Attractions, Beaches, Destinations and more…

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Puerto Rico Map - Getting there, Attractions, Best Beaches & Destinations, Offshore Islands

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Puerto Rico Map - Getting there, Attractions, Best Beaches & Destinations, Offshore Islands: 18.234569, -66.222839

Map Use Instructions

Below we have listed instructions and tips on using our maps throughout this website.  We hope they are helpful in making it a user-friendly experience.  Any questions or comments to improve them are appreciated by using the Contact Us form.

  • Zoom In or Zoom Out at the top left of the map.  You can also zoom in by double-clicking on the map.
  • If you change the original map display in any way, by zooming in for example, you can click on the Home button that appears under the Zoom functions to return to the original map display.
  • Clicking on one of the control boxes at the top right of the map opens it for more map type or filtering options.  Click the toggle buttons or boxes on/off to see desired map types or filter things you want to appear on the map.
  • Click, hold, and drag anywhere on the map to move the map.
  • “Boxzoom” function – the map can be zoomed to a rectangular area specified by dragging the mouse while pressing and holding the Shift key.
  • Marker icon clusters will appear as a colored circle with a number representing the number of markers therein.  Click on the numbered circle to zoom in to see more marker icons.
  • You can click on any marker icon to open a pop-up window with more information – including a (Directions)* link.
    If a picture is present in the marker pop-up window, click on it to open the related article.
  • If a car icon Get directions appears at the top right of the map, you can click on it for a directions* link as well.
  • Click on the Open standalone map in fullscreen mode at the top right of the map for a full screen window.
  • Just below the Open standalone map in fullscreen mode, you can hover over to see other basemap options, including a satellite view.
  • Click on the arrow at the bottom right of the map for a zoomed-out minimap.
  • If you click on the cross hairs icon (geolocate button) at the bottom left of the map, you will be asked for your location.  If you choose to share it, a new map will appear showing your location.

Directions are provided by OSRM.  If you click on a map directions link, a new window will open for their directions site.  First, zoom out first for a better viewable area.  You will see a green marker on the map.  This represents the starting point of the route.  If you click anywhere else on the map, a red marker will be placed and represent the ending point of your route.  You can simply click and drag both markers around the map as needed to get your desired starting and ending locations.  You can open the control box in the upper right hand corner for various basemap options, like satellite.