We invite you to visit Puerto Rico and explore all the beauty and treasures throughout the island.  Following the interactive map with cities (red), municipalities and best tourist destinations (darker blue), we have included more information about the towns and offshore islands of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico consists of 78 municipalities (municipios) each having its own mayor and local government office(s).  These can be compared to counties of the United States.

Puerto Rico Map - Cities, Municipalities, Island Municipalities of Vieques, Culebra, Mona & Desecheo

Each municipality has a most-populated “urban zone” which carries the same name as the parent municipality commonly named “El Pueblo” by locals.  Based on population, urban and suburban zones can be classified as a city, ciudad or town, pueblo.  For example, the major urban zone in the municipality of Ponce is the pueblo of Ponce; the urban zone in the municipality of Rincon is the pueblo of Rincon.  Municipalities and urban zones also have barrios, neighborhoods, which are further legal subdivisions within the municipalities.  Compared to the U.S., these would be like smaller “villages” within the counties, in the outskirts of towns or suburbs of the cities.  As of 2010, there were 901 barrios in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has offshore islands, the map below shows the five main ones.  Isla de Culebra and Isla de Vieques are known as Islas Municipios (Island Municipalities), located off the east coast of the main island.  To the west, Isla de Mona (Mona Island) and Isla Desecheo (Desecheo Island) are uninhabited nature reserves, they are part of the City of Mayaguez.  Isla Caja de Muertos is off the southern coast of Puerto Rico, and part of the City of Ponce.  We continuously add information about towns and points of interest, so come back often for updates. 

Main Cities in Puerto Rico

Municipalities of Puerto Rico

The Islands of Puerto Rico

Island Municipalities / Islas Municipios (Populated)

Uninhabited Islands of Puerto Rico