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La Parguera - Points of Interest in Lajas, Puerto Rico

The great fond memories we hold of La Parguera growing up, we can re-live today. This seaside fishing village has managed to retain the casual, low key ambiance with the warmth and charm that makes the west coast of the island our favorite destination in Puerto Rico.  La Parguera is in the town of Lajas and attracts sea lovers, scuba divers, sailors, eco-travelers and foodies.

During the day, you enjoy the water under the sun. At the end of the afternoon the crowd heads back to the village to eat. After eating, you can then head back to the water to see the the magic of the bioluminescent bay (best experienced by kayak). La Parguera is a wonderful place to spend the entire day.

Houses / Casas en La Parguera, Lajas, Puerto Rico

Back in the 1940’s, there were only a handful of homes owned by fishermen and their families. Today there are various private marinas and new residential communities making La Parguera very appealing to retirees or those seeking for a vacation / second home location.

La Parguera - Lajas, Puerto Rico

Tourism in La Parguera

The first hotel was built in the 1950’s and today you can find condo communities available as rentals and a handful of small inns and hotels.  Search for hotels and vacation rentals in Lajas.

Tourism is mostly internal (Puerto Ricans), the west coast is not heavily promoted but travelers seeking for the unbeaten wonderful paths of Puerto Rico love this place.  Foodies love coming to La Parguera, there are many family owned restaurants and laid back pubs offering delicious comida criolla (Puerto Rican traditional food) at affordable prices for the whole family.

The main attractions here are the bioluminescent bay, La Pared (the wall), offering about 20 miles of excellent scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and the little offshore islands that make up La Parguera Nature Reserve loved by sea lovers.

Getting Here

Take PR 304 all the way south, it ends at La Parguera. When you hit the seafront, make a left where you’ll see the main parking lot.  Here you’ll see signs for tour guides, and this is where the boats tours take off to the bioluminescent bay. If you need any information, your best source are friendly local owners of the nearby hotels and restaurants.

Things to Do at La Parguera, Lajas

You can easily spend a whole day or a few in order to enjoy all the attractions and things to do. Go scuba diving at the famous La Pared (The Wall). Eco travelers will enjoy kayaking through the mangrove channels by day and seeing the magic of the bioluminescent bay on a moonless night.  Go swimming at Cayo Mata La Gata, snorkel the clear waters of Caracoles, and jump into the most clever pool in the Caribbean.  Deep sea fishing is great, these waters are popular for mahi-mahi, marlin and wahoo. There are various professional deep sea fishing charters available.

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