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Playa Jobos / Jobos Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Jobos is an all time favorite beach among locals and Puerto Ricans living along the northern coast.  Playa Jobos is a  beach offering something for everyone.  Jobos has authentic casual island vibe, with unique natural wonders to admire and legend lives on.  At the farthest east point, Jobos is marked by a natural rock wall, creating a protected cove with shallow areas safe for playing in the water and a little snorkeling.  The open waters attract surfers for its reliable surf year round.

Jobos is not a bustling tourist beach.  There are no resorts, high rise buildings or fancy restaurants.  This beach is not perfectly manicured, but lovers of Jobos beach, like it that way.  Visitors who wish to experience the simplicity of island fun under the sun, watch surfers, eat local Puerto Rican food and drinks without the tourist price tag adding in some natural sights to explore, will find themselves pleasantly at home when visiting Playa Jobos.  Don’t be shy and mingle with friendly Isabelinos (residents of Isabela).

The Beach

Playa Jobos / Jobos Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Beach width varies with the season and tide.  During winter and early spring months the waves are higher, and the beach is narrower.  Sand is a light gold.  Cleanliness and condition of the sand also varies by season, with the busiest being summer months, weekends and holidays.  If you want to enjoy an all around “local” beach experience, watch surfers and have places to eat overlooking the water, you’ll appreciate  Jobos.  Find a spot under a palm or almond tree in the early morning to spend a delightful day at Jobos.

Jobos Beach - One of the most popular surfing beaches in Puerto Rico.

Jobos extends west where you’ll find the beach becomes quieter and more pristine with less crowds. Keep in mind that the safest waters for swimming are on the protected cove on the east end of Jobos.  If you prefer a more secluded beach with fewer crowds and therefore unblemished, there are various beaches in Isabela just minutes away.

Playa Jobos / Jobos Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico


The Water at Jobos Beach

Jobos Beach / Playa Jobos - Isabela, Puerto Rico

The waters of Jobos beach are a stained glass masterpiece with shades of turquoise, cobalt, seafoam green and emerald, beautifully contrasted by the brown rock wall and light golden sand.  These waters of Jobos beach are best for surfing rather than swimming due to the strength and consistency of the wave action, attracting surfers year round.

Swimming at Jobos – Jobos is not a swimming beach, the clear waters and beautiful color look very appealing to the eye but the underwater currents and rip tides are strong and dangerous, especially during winter months. The east corner of the protected cove offers a safer area for small children and those who want a more sheltered place to play.  Shallow waters and a snorkeling spot should still be used with care.  Although there’s a nice sandy bottom on the cove, it’s recommended to wear sturdy beach shoes to protect your feet and keep your balance on the rocky bottom spots.

Beware: There are no lifeguards at Jobos. On average a life is sadly lost every summer at Jobos.  We recommend you don’t go any farther than 15 feet out from the shoreline on the protected cove on the east side.

The Wall at Jobos Beach / Playa Jobos

Walls such as this one can be found on other beaches throughout the northern coast of Puerto Rico, but locals from Isabela will argue Jobos is special.   The natural barrier created a protected beach cove, and experienced seasoned surfers seek the thrill of jumping off of it.

Jobos Beach / Playa Jobos - Isabela, Puerto Rico

From the top, you can observe waves crashing against the cliff.  Sounds and sights will mesmerize as waves relax to form waterfalls at the bottom of the rocky platform. Perched atop the rocks you can admire the entire length of Jobos.   Photography lovers, have your cameras ready.  Sunsets from this spot are worth remembering.

Jobos Beach / Playa Jobos - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Beware:  The wall should be admired and explored with much care.  During winter months and bad weather, waves can get very high.   People standing at the top could be seriously injured by a hit from a strong wave.

The surface is uneven with very sharp edges so be sure to wear sturdy shoes.  This is not a place for small children to climb, especially unattended.  As previously mentioned, there are no lifeguards at Jobos.  Your swimming and exploring are taken at your own risk.

Wall at Jobos Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Surfing at Jobos Beach, Isabela, PR

Playa Jobos is one of the most popular surfing beaches in Puerto Rico.  Surfing is best during summer and early spring months, but Jobos is known for good surfing all year round, making Isabela an attractive vacation destination all  year round for all who love the rush of being carried on the waves.  Local surfers enjoy jumping in with their board from the side of the cliff.

Within walking distance, there are surfboards & snorkel equipment available to rent.  Shop owners and staff are a great resource for information.  It’s advised that visitors ask about safety when surfing at Jobos given the currents are dangerous and lives are lost every year.

When the waves do swell, Jobos is a fun place to simply sit on your lounge chair and watch the show.

The crowds at Jobos

Isabela is one of the most popular beach area on the northern coast.  The crowd is mostly locals and nearby residents with a growing young tourist crowd.  During the week, Jobos is pretty laid-back, but on the weekends it welcomes a larger crowd.  Locals love to bring their radios, play beach volleyball, have barbecues and have fun.  Locals are very friendly and although there are no lifeguards, they’re known to jump in and help anyone in need.

Snorkeling at Jobos

Snorkeling spot at Jobos Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Although, Jobos is known primarily as a surfing beach, there is a small protected cove area good for snorkeling.  Snorkelers will see a variety of coral and fish, where the water is warm, clear and shallow along the rocks near the shore on the cove.  This is the only spot recommended for snorkeling due to safety.

Small children and beginner snorkelers are advised to only snorkel on the rocky area of shallows along the cove, no farther than 15-20 feet offshore where the water is calmest during summer months.  It is not advised to snorkel during winter – early spring months when the waves are higher and the current gets stronger and more dangerous.  Depending on the weather conditions, it may not be safe to snorkel since the current is very tricky.  If you’re not an experienced snorkeler or swimmer, please don’t take the risk and visit another beach in Puerto Rico to snorkel.

It’s advised for snorkelers to wear protective beach shoes and snorkeling clothes to protect your skin.   If being in the water is not an option, don’t worry.  There are a lot of sea urchins that sometimes wash up on the beach, bringing the sea life to you.

Whatever activity you choose to do, please snorkel and walk the cove with care.

Food at Jobos Beach

Food at Jobos Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Jobos is the place to enjoy sumptuous flavors of Puerto Rican food with the added pleasures of overlooking the glistening water, without breaking your budget.  There are plenty of restaurants and bars along the beach to choose from.  It’s island time, so get a drink, relax, have a comfortable conversation while you wait for your food.

Yummies to eat at Jobos Beach:

  • Ice cold coconuts: served on the beach and nearby restaurants.
  • Ice Cream: Along the beach, delicious ice cream is sold by vendors in tropical flavors, coconut is a great choice.
  • Pina Coladas:  Try a pina colada served right on the coconut.
  • Empanadillas – fried thin dough stuffed with meat, seafood, pizza and more.

Tips & Things to know before visiting Playa Jobos

Things to know

  • Shade is limited, bring an umbrella or get to Jobos early for the best shaded spots.
  • Parking is limited, get here early or pay to park.
  • Bring plastic bags to put your trash in and please dispose of it at a trash receptacle.
  • If you prefer less crowds, come in the middle of the week.
  • Let your hair down, don’t sweat the small stuff, meet locals and have fun!!!

Visitors that will love Jobos: 

  • surfers
  • enjoy watching surfers
  • want good food at local low prices and casual ambiance.
  • travelers looking to experience a very low-key authentic beach experience.
  • don’t sweat the small things

Visitors that will dislike Jobos: 

  • Beach goers that expect a perfectly clean beach – Beach cleaning is done by volunteers, beach goers, local businesses and the municipality.  During busy summer days and holiday weekends, you may find more trash around the bins overflowing until staff comes around to clean it.and beach goers. Most people do a pretty good job at picking up their trash, some unfortunately don’t.   Unlike balnearios in Puerto Rico (government managed beaches), the sand is not raked regularly, we encourage tourists to wear beach shoes on the sand just in case there are bottle caps or broken glass from people eating and drinking on the beach.
  • Prefer swimming waters – as previously mentioned, Jobos is not a beach for safe swimming due to the rip current.

Facilities at Playa Jobos

  • There are no facilities right on the beach.  Buy food from nearby restaurants and use their bathrooms.
  • There’s a shop at the beach offering snacks, beach and umbrella rentals.
  • Parking is limited, especially during weekends and holidays.  There are houses near Jobos that will let you park for $5.

Puerto Rico > Isabela Puerto Rico > Beaches of Isabela  > Playa Jobos (Jobos Beach)