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Many travelers today are familiar with the idea of an “all inclusive” resort, designed to make guests stay within the resort boundaries to consume all meals and enjoy entertainment.   Isla Verde is more of an All-inclusive Destination.  For those wanting a central location from which they can explore the highlights of an exciting vacation destination, Isla Verde is pretty hard to match.  Isla Verde offers an exciting nightlife, great hotels for every budget, a beautiful Caribbean beach.  Nearby you can explore UNESCO sites, quiet beaches, great shopping, world class natural attractions, exhilarating activities, quiet beaches and much more.  Within a half hour of arriving to the airport, you could be checking into your hotel, no precious vacation time is wasted on travel when you choose Isla Verde.

Quick Facts about Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Map of Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico

  • Location: Isla Verde is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico.   Most people think of Isla Verde being in the capital city of San Juan; Isla Verde is actually a district of the municipality of Carolina.
  • Isla Verde is home to Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU).
  • Isla Verde is a popular tourist district in the metro area with a beachfront resort community.
  • Tourism Information Office:  Luis Muñoz Marin Airport  Tel: 787-791-1014

Isla Verde at a Glance

What we love about Isla Verde:  Destination just minutes from the San Juan Airport so you don’t waste any precious vacation time.  Isla Verde beach is a vibrant place, a district in the municipality of Carolina with a beach metro style yet relaxed. Isla Verde has some of the most popular beachfront resorts in Puerto Rico from luxurious to budget friendly, with popular lounges, nightclubs and casinos.  Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports and plenty of dining options.

Can’t miss attractions: The beaches of course!!  Alambique is a favorite among locals and visitors, with restaurants along the water, beach rentals and water sports.  Historic Old San Juan is just 15 minutes from Isla Verde.  Visitors can arrange many day trips to major attractions and interesting places on the north and east coast such as the rainforest, bioluminescent bay in Fajardo, day trip to Icacos Cay and much more.

Things to Do in Isla Verde:  Relax at the beach, have fun with water sports, if you’re a foodie you’ll find plenty of options, go surfing / take surfing lessons, go paddle boarding, cycle through nearby coastal and forest trail next door in Loiza, try your luck at the elegant casinos. Go shopping to Mall of San Juan, Plaza Las Americas and luxury shops in Condado.  Other activities include parasailing, banana boats, jet skiing, scuba diving, and more..

More detailed visitor’s guide and map below. 

Points of Interest / Things to Do

Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Things to do in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde is just minutes away from the airport, shortly after checking into your hotel you’ll be steps away from sinking your toes on the sand and jumping into the warm waters of Isla Verde under the Puerto Rican sun.  You’ll be tempted to stay within the resort to enjoy the beach, restaurants and entertainment, but there’s so much to enjoy a short distance away from Isla Verde sure to make you fall in love with Puerto Rico making you want to come back to the island to see more. 

Isla Verde gives visitors easy reach to San Juan’s shopping and nightlife, secluded beaches on neighboring towns, and a treasure trove of activities to choose from for nature lovers.  Want fun on the water? No problem, Isla Verde is known for offering a variety of water sports.  Be sure to book a game of golf, world class courses are a short drive away.  Book a half hour flight to Vieques or Culebra and experience the Caribbean of the past; Vieques boasts the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, and Culebra has bragging rights to Flamenco Beach, one of the most top rated beaches in the world for decades where you can snorkel along sea turtles. City lovers can hit the hot spots along Isla Verde Avenue & nearby capital city of San Juan.  History buffs will have plenty of places that will take them back in time from the early Taino culture, the Spanish settlements, to the plantations life of eras past.

Thrill-seeking? Schedule a surfing class, try fly boarding, or rent a jet ski to ride wild waves.  Have an artistic soul? Photograph or paint the myriad of landscapes that make this island paradise.  Foodie?  You will find stellar gourmet cuisine of freshly caught seafood to the hearty and humble local fare.  Visitors on a budget will find plenty of free activities and interesting places to visit without breaking the wallet.

+ Isla Verde Beaches

Isla Verde has the best beaches in the Metro Region of Puerto Rico.   Light golden sand, tall palm trees framing the shore and warm turquoise water for refreshing and playing after basking under the Puerto Rican sun.  Isla Verde has some of the best and trendiest beachfront resorts in Puerto Rico so guests can jump right in, just a few steps away.  Unlike most city Caribbean City destinations, Isla Verde beach is long and wide with world class attractions nearby, so they are rarely crowded, there’s plenty of sand for visitors to find an open relaxing spot.

More about Isla Verde Puerto Rico Beaches

Try your Luck at the Casinos

Casinos - Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Casinos in Isla Verde

Ask locals and most of them will agree that Isla Verde is the place to go for casino action with an exciting nightlife.  You enjoy a variety of popular table games and slot machines.   Casinos Hotels & Resorts in Isla Verde stand out for their attractive lounges, live entertainment and fantastic dining experiences.  Isla Verde has a casino for every traveler from sophisticated and glamorous to more casual ambiance.

Hop the Trendy Lounges of Isla Verde

Things to do in Isla Verde - Lounges

Lounges of Isla Verde

Isla Verde is a popular vacation destination in the metro area offering loungers and bars from trendy rooftops overlooking the water to casual open air to luxurious classy lounges at the hottest resorts along Isla Verde Avenue.  Enjoy traditional drinks, Puerto Rican mixology, sports bars to watch the game, many with live music to dance the night away.

Water Sports

Water Sports in Isla Verde

No vacation destination is complete without offerings of fun adventures and experiences on the water.  Visitors to the beaches of Isla Verde can choose from a variety of water sports for the entire family to enjoy.   Choose from fly boarding, parasailing, banana boat rides, catamaran rides, boat tours, jet ski rentals, surfing lessons, paddle boarding and more.

  • Fly boarding Puerto Rico - 787-949-3542
  • Pine Grove Surf School - 787-361-5531
  • San Juan Water Tours - 787-624-6295
  • Watersports 4U - 939-969-4510
  • Wow Surfing School & JetSki - 787-955-6059
+ Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Just a short taxi ride from Isla Verde, you can walk the streets of Old San Juan, the most vibrant and interesting historic city in the Caribbean.  Don’t miss the forts of Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristobal, dine at exquisite restaurants and relaxed cafes, walk on scenic promenades, visit a historic church, eat a Piragua at one of the squares, shop for unique gifts and clothing pieces…and so much more.  Experience the warmth and vibrancy uniquely found on the streets of Old San Juan.  More about Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Casa Bacardi Distillery

Bacardi Distillery is the largest premium run distiller in the world, manufacturing producing more than 80% of the Bacardi consumed worldwide. The Bacardi Distillery is located in the municipality of Catano, you can get there by taking a short ferry ride from the pier in Old San Juan.  Bacardi Distillery offers excellent tours: Historical Tour, Rum Tasting, Tour Mixology Tour, & Private Tasting with Food Pair Tour.  The gift shop is amazing with many unique items only sold at the Bacardi Distillery.  This is an excellent activity for groups traveling to Puerto Rico for an special event or business meeting.  More about Bacardi Distiller tours.

Go Shopping

Go shopping - San Juan, Puerto Rico


Pack light and bring extra luggage, the capital city of San Juan offers the best shopping in the Caribbean.  Old San Juan has a wonderful variety of locally owned shops offering one of a kind clothing, jewelry and gifts; you’ll also find famous US Retail Brands in the colorful historic streets.  San Juan offers Plaza de las Americas, the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean, you can easily spend two days choosing from over 300 stores.  The Mall of San Juan is the newest mall, housing luxury shops, fine excellent dining options and free live music shows.

Golfing near Isla Verde

Schedule a tee time for an unforgettable golf experience at one of the luxurious golf resorts along the east coast of Puerto Rico.  West of Isla Verde is the town of Dorado, known for luxury world class golf courses along the golden coast.  See golf resorts near Isla Verde / San Juan.

Take a stroll / bicycle along the boardwalk in Piñones, Loiza

Piñones Bicycle Trail - Loiza, Puerto Rico

Piñones Trail - Loiza

Head towards Piñones, a short drive or scenic bike ride east of Isla Verde.   Nature lovers will enjoy the simplicity of the boardwalk along miles of beaches with few crowds.  When hungry, Piñones is a popular place for locals tbat prefer good and cheap traditional Puerto Rican food without all the frills, simple food kiosks, many built with recycled mis-matched materials called “Chinchorros”.  The beaches are not raked or cleaned as often as in Isla Verde, they have a very rugged feel, although not perfectly manicured, the quiet more natural setting makes up for it.

La Posita Beach

You may feel quite happy lounging at the beach just steps from your hotel or resort in Isla Verde, but just a few minutes east on the neighboring town of Loiz, you’ll find a great beach which most likely you’ll have to yourself.  La Posita means “The Little Pool”, although the beach is along the Atlantic Ocean, the beach area feels more like a natural pool.  The natural wall created a protected area that keeps the strong surf from coming in, waters constantly flows through the rock wall, depending on the tide, the beach can be shallow or deeper, the water is crystal clear.  During weekends, local families with children head to La Posita for a relaxed fun day with family and friends where children can swim and play on the water.  You’ll have to bring everything to this beach, there are no beach rentals or restrooms in the area.  Just pack your sunblock, beach towel, snorkel gear and a few snacks, from Isla Verde it makes a nice morning trip.  More about La Posita Beach, Loiza, Puerto Rico

AquaSol Water Park

Parque Infantil Aquasol - Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Ric

AquaSol Water Park

A great beach and a children’s water park…you can enjoy both at Balneario de Carolina.  Aquasol is a small water park for children up to age 12.  The waterpark is located on the east side of Carolina Beach, offers a 13,500 foot shallow pool with 30 fun interactive playgrounds, tanks, pirate ship, slides and more.  The park is open during summer and school holiday breaks. See brochure (Spanish).

Museo del Niño de Carolina

Museo del Niño - Carolina, Puerto Rico

Museo del Niño

Museo del Niño is a museum in Carolina offering residents and visitors 103 educational fun and educational exhibits.  Exhibits cover the arts, sciences and technology.  Visit official site for more info (Spanish). 

Take Surfing Lessons

Surfing Lessons in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

AquaSol Water Park

Always wanted to learn how to surf?  Pinegroove is a popular beach for surfers in Isla Verde, book a surfing lesson on the links below and cross it off your bucket list.  Then come back to Puerto Rico to practice your new skills. 


Great Day trips from Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Icacos Cay – Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

If you dreamed of experiencing a secluded island, swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, be sure to book a trip to Cayo Icacos / Icacos Cay.  Trips to Icacos leave from the marinas in Fajardo, a coastal town south east of Isla Verde.  Most tour operators offer transportation.  More about Icacos Cay – Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Vieques Day Trip

Head to Vieques, one of the islands of Puerto Rico, home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.  We recommend you take a flight from SJU to make the most of your day, it is well worth trip.  Once you get there, rent scooter or jeep and go beach hopping.   If you need inspiration, check out the beaches of Vieques, it will be one of the highlights of your vacation in Puerto Rico.

Book a Tour - Vieques

Travel to Isla Verde - Carolina, Puerto Rico

Airport in Carolina

The short distance and convenient access to the airport is one of the top reasons to vacation in Isla Verde.  For those planning a weekend escape, time is really valuable, after arriving to Luis Munoz Rivera Airport (best known as the San Juan International), within minutes you could be sipping on a sumptuous Piña Colada at your hotel overlooking the turquoise colors of Isla Verde Beach.

Airport in Carolina, Puerto Rico

Getting Around Isla Verde

Isla Verde is an easy vacation destination from the moment you arrive at SJU Airport; in just a 10 minute taxi ride, you’ll find yourself checking into your hotel or beachfront resort.  Most of the hotels, beaches, best restaurants, lounges, casinos and entertainment are located along Isla Verde Avenue, everything is within walking distance if you don’t mind taking a little stroll.We encourage you to explore beyond Isla Verde Beach, so you can get to know Puerto Rico.  For some attractions and activities, a taxi ride is more convenient.   Some of the top attractions of the island are best explored with a car rental or by booking a tour.

Rent a Car & Drive Around

A car is not necessary to have a good time in Isla Verde, as you can easily get a taxi to Old San Juan, shopping malls and nearby attractions.  But for those that love to explore, a car rental is highly recommended at least for a few days.  More about car rentals in the greater San Juan tourism area.

Public Transportation

Ride the Bus

Bus routes run through Isla Verde to and from the airport and San Juan.  Riding the bus may not be the most convenient method to get around, but it is by far the cheapest.  It just may be a viable option for travelers wanting to minimize costs.  More information about bus routes in the greater San Juan tourism areas.

Bicycling in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Bicycling in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde is tourist destination for those that enjoy bicycling. Along Isla Verde Avenue there are designated bike lanes, locals are pretty good about sharing the road, it is a popular hobby by locals in the area.  From Isla Verde you can ride east to Piñones area, and west all the way to Old San Juan.

Taxi Services

Isla Verde is a tourist friendly destination.  Guests staying at hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in tourist areas will enjoy easy access to taxis.  You will see taxis driving along Isla Verde Avenue, near the beach, restaurant areas and hotel entrances.  Feel free to ask your hotel receptionist for assistance with a taxi.  Taxi rates are regulated and reasonable.  More information about taxis in the greater San Juan tourism areas.

Tourist Information & Services

Isla Verde is a tourist friendly destination where visitors can have easy access to pharmacies, hospitals and the safety of a nearby police station just in case you may need those services during your stay.  The map below includes locations, addresses and phone numbers for your convenience.

Hotels, Resorts - Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

From small inns to famous luxury hotel brands, accommodations can be found to fit every budget.  If upscale pampering is what you seek, Isla Verde offers luxurious beachfront resorts catering to the jet set wanting to be seen or wishing to have a quiet yet posh vacation.   For vacationers seeking for more budget friendly accommodations, they’ll be surprised to find a nice variety of hotels and romantic intimate small inns, most a short walking distance to the beach.   

See hotels and resorts in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

Tourist Map of Isla Verde - Carolina, Puerto Rico

Beaches, Hotels, Resorts, Car Rental Locations, Airport & More...

Map Use Instructions  |  Map Tips:  Use the Filter Control BoxPuerto Rico Map Filter Controlboxto choose different marker groups.  Zoom out to see beaches and attractions near Isla Verde.

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Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico

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