Local’s most common way of getting to Mona Island is by private yacht / boat, and only those that know how to navigate the waters of the Puerto Rican trench are advised to go there.

There are various tour operators that will arrange your transportation, permits and equipment for camping experience.   Book your trip well in advance.

Tour Operators for Mona Island

  • Acampa – 787-706-0695  / E-Mai: info@acampapr.com
  • Adventures Tourmarine – 787-255-2525 / E-Mail:  info@tourmarinepr.com – Our Mona Island trip is for a (maximum of 10 persons)
  • Encantos Ecotours  – (787) 272-0005, (787) 519-5000 / E-Mail: encantos@ecotourspr.com

What to bring

A few tour companies include all the necessities for your exploration and camping stay.  If you were to visit Mona Island on your own you would need to bring absolutely everything you would need, there is no food or water on the island.

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