Sardineras Beach, Mona Island, Puerto Rico

Photo courtesy of Alan Cressler, All Rights Reserved

The beaches of Mona Island are beautiful and fully protected from tourism exploitation, a true postcard perfect paradise that will take you back in time where the only thing surrounding you is nature at it’s full glory.

On Mona Island you’ll find beaches truly untouched, protected by keys, with waters clear like blue tone glass contrasted by the deep colors of the coral reef.  Walk miles of white sand, and be sure to bring your snorkel gear to float over the healthy and alive underwater world teaming with fish.

The most popular beaches are Playa Sardineras, Playa Pajaros, Punta Arenas and Playa Mujeres.  The beaches are accessible through trails.  The deep waters around the rest of the island make Isla de Mona a favorite spot for scuba divers. Those lucky enough to visit this secret destination describe the island as a real unique gem.

Full List of Beaches in Mona Island, Puerto Rico


  • Playa Escalera
  • Playa Pájaros
  • Playa Brava
  • Playa Coco
  • Playa Caigo


  • Playa Sardinera
  • Playa Carmelitas


  • Playa Uvero-1
  • Playa Uvero-2
  • Playa U-8
  • Playa U-1
  • Playa Carabinero
  • Playa Mujeres
  • Playa Carite
Coral Reef at Isla Mona / Mona Island, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico - Perfect for snorkelers

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