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Weather Forecast - Isabela, Puerto Rico

The beach town of Isabela offers residents and visitors the pleasant balmy weather that Puerto Rico is known for.  Blue, sunny skies.  The average temperature year round is 85°F.  During the summer months, temperatures range from 85°F to 95°F. During winter months temperatures are the most pleasant, nights get cooler and days warm up to 85°F.

10-day Weather Forecast for Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Live Weather Radar – Isabela, Puerto Rico

Isabela is located on the northwest coast of the main island, directly in the center of the radar map box below.

Isabela, Puerto Rico Weather Radar

NOAA – Isabela/ San Juan Puerto Rico Water Temperature Forecast

Average Monthly Water Temperatures (°F) at Isabela Beaches, PR   (source: NOAA)

Jan – 77 Jul – 81
Feb – 78 Aug – 83
Mar – 78 Sep – 83
Apr – 79 Oct – 82
May – 81 Nov – 81
Jun – 82 Dec – 80