History & natural beauty collide at the Guajataca Tunnel

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Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico

The Guajataca Tunnel formally named El Tunel de Guajataca, is officially located in the town of Isabela.   You won’t find this attraction on many travel guides, we consider this place, one of the best sightseeing places on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  The Guajataca Tunnel Park is an excellent place for photography enthusiasts with many gorgeous spots, you won’t find anywhere else on the island. There’s a number of nature activities, the whole family will enjoy, from pure relaxation to paddle boarding and kayaking up the Guajataca River.


The location of this historic / nature park is right at the border of Isabela and Quebradillas, divided by the beautiful Rio Guajataca (river).  Entrance and parking is free through Rt.2 in Quebradillas.

A Little History

The tunnel is a remnant of the sugar cane era, the railway was used to transport sugar cane from the farms in the area.  The tunnel connects the towns of Quebradillas and Isabela.


Source: University of Puerto Rico

Once at the main parking lot, you’ll be able to walk straight to the tunnel.  If you take the alternate entrance, you’ll have to walk through the Guajataca Beach.  At the west entrance of the tunnel, you’ll have unobstructed view of the entire length of Playa Guajataca / Guajataca Beach. 

Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Tunnel - Puerto Rico

Guajataca Beach / Playa Guajataca - Isabela / Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Children enjoy walking through the tunnel, at the other end, beautiful scenery awaits.  Sadly, the tunnel seems like a forgotten place on the west coast.  Parts of the tunnel walls are covered in graffiti, and you’ll see some trash, a very disappointing part of the tour. The management and care is under Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena (787) 724-0700 and the municipal office of Isabela (787) 872-2100.  Perhaps you can help by calling to voice your concerns.  The natural beauty at the end of the tunnel, quickly helps you forget the sad state of the tunnel.


At the end of the tunnel…there’s light, bright blue skies, a very blue Atlantic Ocean, raging waves, and rocks to sit on to contemplate all.

Guajataca, Puerto Rico

You’ll continue walking through a natural tunnel.


Leading to an oceanside trail…


with more fantastic views.


This is a great spot to pause along the way.


The trail ends at another beach in Isabela, with more romantic spots to sit down, relax and enjoy the scenic landscape.

Guajataca, PR - Trail to beach

More photos of Guajataca Tunnel & Trail

Map – El Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Tunnel, Quebradillas / Isabela, Puerto Rico

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El Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico

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El Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico 18.490018, -66.959838 Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Railroad TunnelGuajataca Tunnel, Avenida Noel Estrada, Isabela, Puerto Rico (Directions)
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Guajataca River Park Attractions

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Area Recreativa Rio Guajataca, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico: 18.487912, -66.957057
Natural Infinity Pool, Guajataca, Puerto Rico: 18.489250, -66.957209
Playa Guajataca, Quebradillas / Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.489540, -66.958462
El Tunel de Guajataca / Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico: 18.490018, -66.959838
Rio Guajataca / Guajataca River, Puerto Rico: 18.487790, -66.957722

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