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Quiet beach coves, fun water activities, private island resort beach, offshore cays and easy access to the dreamy beaches of Vieques & Culebra.

Best beaches on the east coast of Puerto Rico - Caribbean

Puerto Rico’s east coast offers beaches fit for pirates, families with children and honeymooners seeking for quiet romantic dreamy scenes.  Although the east coast is home to many resort communities, you’ll find many beaches to be surprisingly quiet and secluded.

The east coast is the portal to Vieques and Culebra, where you’ll find the prettiest white sand beaches in the Caribbean without crowds.  In addition you can explore the isolated beaches of islets and cays, just a short boat ride from Fajardo.  With a little planning, the east coast offers beach lovers unforgettable adventures, and experiences the whole family will cherish.

Best Beaches on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

Palomino Island

Palomino Island - Best beaches on the east coast of Puerto Rico. Porta Antillas

Beautiful even before a storm…

Beautiful, pampering, resort style private island with white sand and Pirates of the Caribbean worthy¬†turquoise waters. ¬† From your lounge chair, you can relax and enjoy views of ¬†dreamy¬†Palominito Island, location for one of the scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean. ¬†A private secluded island experience and Pi√Īa Coladas served on the beach, what else could you possibly need? ¬†More about Palomino Island.

Balneario La Monserrate (Luquillo Beach), Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach / Playa Luquilllo - Beach on the east coast of Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach formally named Balneario La Monserrate, is a gorgeous mile long crescent bay in the municipality of Luquillo.  La Monserrate beach is the most popular beach on the east for both locals and tourists, one of the prettiest Balnearios in Puerto Rico.  The waters are turquoise and emerald green with scenic vistas of the rainforest mountains setting behind a thick line of dancing palm trees.  This beach is managed and maintained by Parques Nacionales offering lifeguards, picnic tables and gazebos, restrooms, parking and wheelchair access.

Playa La Posita /¬†Playa Rocosa De Pi√Īones, Loiza, Puerto Rico

Playa Rocosa De Pi√Īones / Playa Las Positas

For those staying in the San Juan / Isla Verde tourist area, Las Positas is one of the best beaches near the city for those wishing to have a more secluded¬†beach experience, just minutes away. ¬†Also known as Playa Rocosa (rocky beach), for it‚Äôs natural rock wall running along the length of the beach creating a long wide natural pool. ¬†The waters are clear and shallow, perfect for swimming, and small children. ¬†We prefer to enjoy this beach on weekdays from September ‚Äď mid March when it‚Äôs practically empty. ¬†Las Positas gets pretty full during summer days, this beach is loved by locals with small children. ¬†Parking is free and convenient across the street. ¬†You can also get here by bike, and keep riding along the¬†wood boardwalk along the coast, along the way. ¬†Be sure to stop at food kiosks for inexpensive traditional Puerto Rican food.

Balneario Seven Seas, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Balneario Seven Seas / Seven Seas Beach - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Seven Seas is the best and most popular swimming beach in Fajardo.  Bring you snorkel gear, Seven Seas has a nice snorkeling spot. This beach is managed by the Parques Nacionales offering lifeguards, gazebos, camping, wheelchair access and parking.

Punta Tuna Beach, Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Playa Punta Tuna - Maunabo - East coast of Puerto Rico

A dreamy place, one of the most quiet beaches on the island. Punta Tuna is a great beach for long walks on holding hands with your loved one.  Punta Tuna Beach is a protected nature reserve where you won’t see any buildings along the shore.  You can feel the embrace of nature’s beauty as you walk along a lush line of tall palm trees and listen to the Caribbean Sea waves… More about Playa Punta Tuna in Maunabo, Puerto Rico.

Beaches on the offshore islands of Vieques, Culebra & Cays

In addition to the beaches on the east coast of the main island, a short commuter flight from Ceiba, ferry ride from Fajardo or charter boat, and you can enjoy a wonderful day trip to the sleepy islands of Vieques & Culebra.

Isla de Vieques Beaches

Vieques Puerto Rico

Those that step foot on this little island are spoiled for life.  Isla de Vieques, one of the offshore islands of Puerto Rico, is truly a beach lovers, dream destination.  So many beaches to choose from, and most you’ll have to yourself even in high tourist season.  If you dream of white sand and turquoise waters, Vieques is the place in Puerto Rico you’ll want to vacation.  If you love snorkeling, be sure to bring your gear, there are many great snorkeling beaches in Vieques.  You can get a taste of Vieques by taking a day trip, it’s a short flight from Ceiba or ferry ride from Fajardo.  What you’ll get out of Vieques is an extreme desire to go back.

Day Trip Suggestion:  Hard to tell you which beach is the best, but if for a day trip, we suggest visiting the beaches on the Vieques Wildlife Refuge.  Bahia de la Chiva (Blue beach) is great for swimming and snorkeling, Playa La Plata is gorgeous, visit our Vieques beaches guide to see more.

Isla Culebra Beaches

Culebra Beaches - Island off the east coast of Puerto Rico

While you stay on the east coast of Puerto Rico, you simply cannot miss doing a day trip to Culebra.  Once you set foot on the island, you’ll wish you had more time there, but we don’t want you to leave Puerto Rico without at least seeing Flamenco Beach, one of the most glorified beaches in the world.  If you want to experience swimming with turtles, then be sure to make it to Tamarindo Beach.  Isla Culebra has other beaches practically secluded in addition to cays and an offshore island with some of the best coral reefs attracting snorkelers from all over the world.   Split your vacation and spend a few nights in Culebra to experience the more natural side of Puerto Rico.  Weekdays are the best days to take the ferry to Culebra Island.

La Cordillera Nature Reserve

Schedule a trip to a cluster of small islands also know as the Fajardo Keys.  Crystal clear waters with good snorkeling.  Take a water taxi, charter boat or sail to Palominito Island, featured on Hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Map of Best Beaches on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

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Map of Beaches on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

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The Beaches of Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.158901, -65.456543
Flamenco Beach - Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico: 18.328699, -65.316768
Luquilo Beach / Balneario La Monserrate - Luquillo, Puerto Rico : 18.382431, -65.730297
Palomino Island Beach - El Conquistador Resort Private Island - Fajardo, PR: 18.344037, -65.568767
Balneario Seven Seas, Fajardo, Puerto Rico: 18.369451, -65.635904
Punta Tuna Beach & Nature Reserve - Maunabo, Puerto Rico: 17.995183, -65.879817
Reserva Natural Arrecifes de la Cordillera / La Cordillera Coral Reefs Nature Reserve : 18.385805, -65.586662

More beaches on the east coast

Playa Vilomar Luquillo (Playa Azul), Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Just east of the Balneario La Monserrate (Luquillo Beach),  you can enjoy a less crowded bay with larger waves. The are no facilities at Playa Vilomar.

Popular Surfing Beaches on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

La Pared, Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Bring your surfboard and find a break at this popular surfing beach in Luquillo. You can take a walk east for 2 miles, the waves tend to get better.  La Pared is a good surfing beach for beginners.

La Selva, Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Another surfers favorite beach with good waves.

More about the East Coast of Puerto Rico

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