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Dorado - Best Luxury Destinations in Puerto Rico

Dorado is a small charming town, quiet, with small museums, a beautiful coastline and green areas to explore protected from development.

Why we love Dorado:  Who doesn’t like luxury?  Dorado Beach, A The Ritz Carlton is one of the few resorts in Puerto Rico that can rightfully claim to be a destination all on it’s own. Although we recommend you go outside the property to explore some of the wonders of Puerto Rico, we totally understand guests that may be tempted to never leave the premises.  The Ritz Carlton has redefined luxury in Puerto Rico, allowing Dorado & Puerto Rico to reclaimed it’s spot as one of the most luxurious and exclusive destinations in the Caribbean, setting a higher standard for the island.  Travelers seeking for the ultimate luxury, exclusivity, a private beach and interesting places to visit outside the resort, ought to place Dorado at the top of their list.  Dining is superb and the golf courses are magnificent.

Dorado shines on the following “Top Lists”: 

Can’t miss attractions: Part of Ritz Carlton Reserve: Rockefeller Nature Trail, Watermill Aquatic Adventure ParkLivingston Park & Dorado Beach.  Visitors will have easy access to a number of world-class attractions and fun activities in nearby towns including San Juan, just a 45 minute drive from Dorado.

Things to do in Dorado: Golfing, a variety of watersports, fishing, walking, bicycling.

Recommended places to stay in Dorado: Travelers that prefer exclusivity and luxury will enjoy staying at The Ritz Carlton.  There are more hotels in Dorado to meet a more modest budget.

Check for the Best Hotel Deals in Dorado, Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico  > Puerto Rico Destinations  > Dorado, Puerto Rico

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