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We live in a beautiful world created by a master hand, we can find majesty in many corners of the world.  There are places, that seem to have been sprinkled with special qualities unfound anywhere else on the planet; the tiny island of Culebra is one of those places.  To those that know Culebra, it’s a secret they both love and hate to share.  Culebra offers the solitude and tranquility of a place that even though is not far, certainly feels like a world away.

Culebra may be small and tranquil, but there are plenty of activities for nature lovers to keep visitors entertained with Culebra’s natural wonders.  Enjoy hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and sightseeing in awe inspiring places.  We have included an interactive map of Culebra below for your convenience.

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Culebra...A Place to Relax, Recharge & Reconnect....

with the one you love, nature & self...

Have a romantic vacation in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Connect with nature - Culebra, Puerto Rico - Caribbean

I love Culebra - Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is a place conducive to rest and relaxation, so you can get back and meet the challenges of life.  Whether you need a long holiday or a special weekend escape, Culebra’s natural enchantment will give you the respite you seek.

When you step foot in Culebra, you’ll be transported to a place that seems as if time stood still.  In Culebra, the pace is slower, the vibe relaxed.  You’ll want to unplug…and surrender to the simplicity and magic of true island life. 

Tourism in Culebra, Puerto Rico

An Eco-Lover's Playground

Culebra Puerto Rico - Tourism

Culebra Puerto Rico - Tourism

While other islands in the Caribbean brag about hotel chains and touristy activities, Culebra and it’s residents prefer to keep the island’s natural treasures as the main attractions.  Most of Culebra is a natural refuge, keeping it safe from overdevelopment, allowing visitors and residents to enjoy a pristine tropical paradise.  In Culebra, the most popular activities are beach combing, kayaking and hiking in serene uncrowded settings.  If you love snorkeling, Culebra is the place, offering some of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean.  Dining is casual and relaxed with a calypso vibe, choose from a handful or seaside restaurants, and a few places in town serving more traditional Puerto Rican food.

For an unforgettable vacation in Puerto Rico, we recommend a 2 night stay in Old San Juan, then flying to Culebra from SJU Airport for the remainder of your stay.  Don’t miss exploring the San Juan National Historic Site, walk the streets of Old San Juan and enjoy the excellent dining experiences.  After a good night rest from an active night of experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Old San Juan, head to Culebra for unforgettable days.  In Culebra you’ll indulge swimming, snorkeling, relaxing and marveling on the pristine beaches of this beloved island.  While in Culebra you may meet a community of visitors that choose to vacation in Culebra year after year, a few days in Culebra will make you a Culebra lover for life.

The month of September 2017 was difficult for Culebra, it was hit by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.  The community came together to clean up the island, neighbors helped each other and the goodwill of non-profit organizations contributed to getting Culebra back in order.  There’s still work to be done, but the hurricanes were unable to take away Culebrense’s spirit and the natural beauty of the island. 

Tourism after hurricane Maria:  Are you a traveler wondering if Culebra is ready for tourism… We are happy to inform that Culebra is ready to capture visitor’s hearts again.  Those that love Culebra have been captivated by its amazing beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs, friendly people, good food, and serene natural spaces; all those characteristics are still present after the hurricanes.  

Tourism Updates

Hotels in Culebra:  Most small hotels / inns are, restaurants are open and ready to serve.  

Your visit, has a significant effect in Culebra’s economy.  There are very few jobs in Culebra, many families depend on tourism to support their families.  Visiting Culebra is a gift to yourself and the people of Culebra, your visit helps facilitate resident and businesses to fully recover from the devastating effects of the hurricane. 

Beaches after hurricane Maria: 

Hurricane Maria brought a lot of trash and brush to the shores of Culebra, after the clean up, a brand new clean carpet of sand was unveiled.   The waters sorrounding the island are clean and clear and just as beautiful.  We are happy to inform our visitors that you can plan your romantic beach adventure to Culebra with confidence.  

  • Flamenco Beach:  The facilities at Flamenco Beach were heavily damaged, volunteers and employees have worked hard to clean up and rebuilding is underway.  The water is still mesmerizing and clear, the lushness of the flora surrounding the shores has flourished once more.  

Top Things to Do & Points of Interest in Culebra, PR

The tiny island of Culebra proudly houses a world class attraction, the magnificent Playa Flamenco, one of the most praised beaches around the world.   If you can draw yourself off the waters and sand of Flamenco Beach you can experience the many natural treasures on land and sea that keep visitors coming back for more.

Culebra is not your average Caribbean vacation destination, there are no fancy man made attractions here, and that’s exactly how both resident and repeat visitors prefer it.  The main attractions in Culebra are the ones that nature alone created, the ones that remain untouched and unharmed by development and tourism exploitation.  In Culebra visitors are allured and captured by the simplicity and richness of attractions that only God could create.  There are a few other attractions such as the museum where you can get to know more about the history of Isla de Culebra.

The Beaches of Culebra, Puerto Rico

What does it take for a beach to make it to the Top 5 in the World? … Pure Perfection…

Culebra Puerto Rico Beaches

Beaches of Culebra, Puerto Rico

The small sleepy island of Culebra was unfairly blessed with beaches so visually stunning, no video or camera can possibly capture their beauty.  While other islands on the Caribbean have exploited their beaches and destroyed their natural beauty with cement structures along the shore, Culebra is one of the few destinations left where one can step back in time to see beaches in all their natural glory.

The beaches of Culebra have incredibly clear water since there are no rivers running into them.  The visibility is incredible allowing snorkelers to have a clear view of the living creatures and gardens underneath.  Beach goers won’t find crowded scenes, but perhaps encounter sea turtles gliding by.  Children and adults will have easy access to excellent snorkeling sites just a few laps from shore.

You may have seen Playa Flamenco (Flamenco Beach) on television shows and popular travel media, it has been consistently ranked among the top 5 beaches in the world for many years.  Culebra offers more beaches well worth exploring, you can easily spend a full week on the island exploring beaches, each one completely different than the next.

Culebrita Island

Culebrita Puerto Rico

Culebrita - Culebra, PR

If you’re spending at least 3 days in Culebra, we encourage you to schedule a boat charter to Culebrita, there you can hike to the ruins of a historic lighthouse, enjoy heavenly views and spend a few hours at the amazing Tortuga beach.

The Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs - Best things to do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

The Coral Reefs

The Puerto Rican island of Isla de Culebra is one of the few islands left in the Caribbean with healthy coral reefs.  The entire family will be able to snorkel in Culebra since the island offers many snorkeling spots right off the beach for both beginners and the more advanced snorkeler.

Museo El Polvorin

El Polvorin - Top Points of Interest in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Museo El Polvorin

On your way to Zoni Beach be sure to stop at Museo El Polvorin, a small museum packed with an interesting exhibit of artefacts from Culebra’s past the whole family will enjoy.  More about Museo El Polvorin.

Relax in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Peaceful Bliss…

While so many Caribbean tourist destinations are busy during winter months, Culebra remains relatively quiet and peaceful.  If you’re searching for a “Tropical Paradise Getaway”, come to Culebra, one of few places in the Caribbean that truly delivers.  Walk on sand with no footprints, enjoy relaxing days on beaches untouched by development where nature and solitude can be experienced in pure bliss.  Hike trails leading to secluded coves and breathtaking locations with marvellous views.

Travel to Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

So close...yet feels so far away...

Getting to a quiet magical place like Culebra is within your reach.  No need to travel across the globe to experience such a special place, Culebra is one of the islands of Puerto Rico.  In a short 3.5 hour flight from major cities in the USA you can arrive to the capital city of San Juan Puerto Rico.  You have two options for getting to Culebra, you can take a short commuter flight from Puerto Rico or hop on the ferry for a scenic ride from Ceiba.  Before you book your flights or plan on taking the ferry, please be sure to read our travel tips to save time and avoid inconveniences. 

Flights to Culebra

From San Juan, you can take a commuter flight to the sleepy island of Culebra.  There are various options to meet your travel needs.

Read our full guide for flights to Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Ferry to Culebra

Seasoned Culebra visitors mostly coming from the main island for a day trip take the ferry.  If you’re a tourist, we highly recommend you fly to Culebra to avoid disappointments, long lines and the risk of not getting on the boat at all.

More about getting to Culebra by ferry.

Hotels & Places to Stay in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra offers a small boutique hotel, a handful of small inns and guesthouses and variety of vacation rentals to choose from. There are no high rise oceanfront resorts, no hotel chains or cookie cutter accommodations in Culebra, part of the appeal for  lovers of this island. Honeymooners, solo travelers and families will find comfortable accommodations and friendly hospitality in Culebra Island.  More about hotels / places to stay in Culebra

Culebra, Puerto Rico Map

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Map of Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

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