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Culebra Beaches - Island off the east coast of Puerto Rico

If you’re vacationing in San Juan or the east coast, be sure to visit Culebra for at least a day.  You can take a short flight or take the ferry from Fajardo.   Once you set foot on the island, you’ll wish you had more time there.   Be sure to visit Flamenco Beach, one of the most glorified beaches in the world.  If you want to experience swimming with turtles, then be sure to make it to Tamarindo Beach.

Isla Culebra has other beaches practically secluded in addition to cays and an offshore island with some of the best coral reefs attracting snorkelers from all over the world.   Split your vacation and spend a few nights in Culebra to experience the more natural side of Puerto Rico.  Weekdays are the best days to take the ferry to Culebra Island.

Puerto Rico > Puerto Rico Beaches > Culebra Beaches

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