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Culebra Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Getting to a quiet magical place like Culebra is within your reach.  You have various options for traveling to the island, traveling there can be both enjoyable and painful depending on various factors, so before you book your flights or head over to the ferry terminal, be sure to read our travel tips to save time, money and make the best informed decision to meet your travel needs.  With a little extra planning and time you can enjoy a very special place without spending much money.  

Costs of Traveling

to Culebra from Puerto Rico

Before just looking at the cost, also weigh in the value of your time.  We’ll honestly tell you what you can expect when traveling to Culebra and give you some tips to avoid some issues that may disappoint you unless you plan for it. 

First….  The ferry is a great way of getting to Culebra and the sister island of Vieques at a very low monetary cost, but it has its challenges.  Be sure to read our travel tips on the ferry page. 

  • Cost of ferry boat: $2.25 each way per person
  • Taxi to Ceiba ferry terminal: About $80 one way.
  • Cost of flight from San Juan International Airport: About $175 round trip

Travel to Culebra, Puerto Rico

Travel by Air, Ferry or Charter

Flying to Culebra

Flights to Culebra –  From your hotel, take a taxi to the San Juan International Airport or the Isla Grande Airport which is closer to Old San Juan, Condado & the Convention District. Book a flight below or read more about flights to Culebra.

Read our full guide for flights to Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Ferry travel to Culebra

Ferry to Culebra – The ferry is a great way of getting to Culebra and the sister island of Vieques, the most budget friendly travel option costig a few dollars round trip. Please be sure to read the Culebra ferry page for ferry travel tips.  A taxi to Ceiba from San Juan will cost around $80. 

More about getting to Culebra by ferry.

Recommended Vacation Itinerary

Recommended Vacation Itinerary

Fly into San Juan, spend at least two nights exploring Old San Juan, a historic district with world class attractions sure to spark some romance and wonder, the perfect place to begin a Puerto Rico vacation.  If you can’t find a hotel in Old San Juan, the metro tourist districts of Condado and the Puerto Rico Convention Center is only minutes away from Old San Juan.

Take a taxi to the San Juan International Airport or the Isla Grande Airport.  

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Map of Airports & Ferry Terminal

Culebra & Puerto Rico

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Airport & Ferry Map - Culebra, Puerto Rico

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Isla Grande Airport (SIG): 18.457940, -66.102685
Luis Munoz Marin International Airport - Carolina, Puerto Rico (San Juan International Airport) - SJU: 18.439002, -66.004699
Culebra Airport (CPX) - Benjamin Rivera Noriega: 18.312856, -65.304469
Ceiba Airport (RVR) - Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport: 18.245269, -65.643381
Ferry Terminal - Culebra, Puerto Rico: 18.301107, -65.302445
Parking Lot - Ferry Terminal - Ceiba, Puerto Rico: 18.231083, -65.620156

Puerto Rico > Puerto Rico Islands  > Culebra  > Culebra Travel Guide

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