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Isla de Culebra / Culebra Island - Puerto Rico Top Beach Destinations

Best destination for snorkeling, seclusion, romance and beaches

Why we love Culebra: Flamenco beach of course!!  Hopping behind the wheel of a jeep and beach hopping all week long through gorgeous beaches with even less crowds than Vieques.  If you’re a snorkeler, Culebra is a destination you don’t want to miss, put it on your bucket list.

Dining in Culebra is simple yet pleasurable, there’s only a handful of places to eat, but the charm, deliciousness and relaxed true island style ambiance will keep you going back for more.   Culebra is one of the best destinations for eco travelelers.

Can’t miss attractions in Culebra: Flamenco Beach, Zoni Beach, El Polvorin Museum, Culebrita Island.  We painfully have to say Carlos Rosario reef…yes, we painfully share this because it is so precious it feels like a sin to share it with the world because we want to protect it.  PLEASE, never, ever, touch, step on, stand on any part of the reef, never take anything away from the reef and never feed fish. Leave nothing behind, only take the beautiful memories. 

Things to do do in Culebra: Beach hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, surfing (yes! there’s surfing in Culebra), relaxing to it’s purest form, driving on fun dirt roads leading to dreamy, safe and secluded spots, hiking, a little shopping, birdwatching.

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Puerto Rico  > Puerto Rico Destinations  > Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

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