Monument to Tribal Chief Mabodomaca

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Cacique (chief) Mabodamaca welcomes visitors to the town of Isabela and marks the entrance to Porta del Sol, the west coast region of Puerto Rico. The image comes up suddenly, given that it stands alongside a busy highway.  It could be easy to miss amongst the rock and vegetation… yet once seen, there’s a sense of history and pride.

Although a fairly modern carving, the broad facial features are clear, the strength of a dignified chief is evident.  The carving represents Cacique (chief) Mabodamaca, a Taino leader who tried to protect his people from Spanish trying to take land.  His gray stone visage holds that protective and determined look in the eyes.  Age and wisdom show in the unending gaze.  It is worth slowing a bit as you pass by to a nearby beach or attraction in Porta del Sol, visitors typically pull up and park on the side of the street for a quick picture with the family and to purchase refreshments from the food stand next to the Chief.

The legend goes that he leapt off the cliffs of Isabela to escape the capture of the Spanish.  Nature made sure that Isabela’s beloved chief was not forgotten.  You can find the original carving naturally carved by nature alone at Playa El Pastillo just down from Royal Isabela.

Mabodamaca’s carving is situated at the intersection of Rt 2 & 113.

 Puerto Rico  > Isabela Puerto Rico  > Monumento al Indio Mabodomaca