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Every municipality in Puerto Rico has a plaza, Cabo Rojo’s remains an active, integral part of our community.  The Plaza in Cabo Rojo is like an outdoor living room where good friends and families meet.  If you are visiting Cabo Rojo from another town, or you’re a tourist on vacation, we invite you to come to the Plaza.  Many events take place throughout the year, featuring live music, hand made crafts from local artisans, great food and more. 


Things to Do at the Plaza

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    Eat a piragua
  • Watch abuelitos (granpas) play dominos
  • Visit the outdoor Cafe – Have a cup of coffee and taste our traditional sweets.
  • Visit the historic catholic church.
  • Have lunch at one of the surrounding restaurants and cafes.
  • Go shopping – Our local businesses are a backbone to the town of Cabo Rojo.  Around the plaza you can shop for clothes, souvenirs, natural stores, pharmacies and unique shops you won’t find at malls.

And say hello to Don Chiri…the happiest personality in all of Cabo Rojo.  He sells the most delicious sugar donuts on the weekends near the entrance to Rebecca Colberg Park in his old green jeep.   During the week you’ll find him selling lottery tickets and traditional candies around the plaza.  He didn’t work a day in his life, because he has been doing what he loves, does it with joy, laughter and chanting.  He looks serious because he says he doesn’t like to smile on pictures.  Everyone in town knows who he is, he loves to make everyone laugh.



A favorite local passtime….Abuelitos (grandpas) let hours fly by, playing dominoes as they tell stories of times gone by.

Points of Historical Interest

Ramon Emeterio Betances Monument

A small monument sits at the center of the plaza Ramon Emeterio Betances.  Betances was a medical doctor recognized for the fight in abolishing slavery in Puerto Rico. Ramon Emeterio Betances gave liberty to enslaved children brought to church to be baptized.  The ashes of Betances are in this monument, the plaza was named after him.

Salvador Brau Monument

Salvador Brau (1842 – 1912), was named the Chronologist of Puerto Rico. He was a poet, historian, sociologist and journalist. He published “La Historia de Puerto Rico” (The History of Puerto Rico in 1904.  Salvador Brau was born in Cabo Rojo in 1842. This monument is one of the tallest in Puerto Rico.



This monument is dedicated to the founders of Cabo Rojo, one of the first obelisks to be  constructed in the major Antilles.

Iglesia San Miguel Arcángel

Since the Spanish brought Catholism to the island, you’ll find a catholic church at the plaza of every municipality of Puerto Rico. This church took about 10 years to be constructed, it was finished by 1783.   In front of this church, Ramon Emeterio Betances gave liberty to children enslaved.   The church was recently renovated, a great religious attraction to visit while on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  Feel free to walk in for mass, prayer and admire the architecture.


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Plaza Ramon Emeterio Betances

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Plaza Ramon Emeterio Betances 18.087148, -67.146099 Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (Directions)

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