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Best beaches in Puerto Rico - 2018

You’ve asked for it, so we came up with a list of top 10 best beaches in Puerto Rico.  We’ve received many inquiries from explorer type of visitors (like we are) asking us personally for our favorite beaches, which is no easy task.  Puerto Rico is a small island just 100 x 35 miles, making it possible for visitors to visit the best beaches at a relaxed pace.

After Hurricane Maria, many visitors have questions about which beaches are ready for visitors, so we hopped in our SUV and made the trips to check out our favorite spots to bring you the first updated list after Hurricane Maria 2018.

Note: We recently drove again and saw more changes, so we updated this article focusing more on the impact of your visit in communities where you can enjoy amazing beaches.  See the update below the original article published following Hurricane Maria.

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria 2018

Unlike many guides who use stock photos and paraphrase other guides from their desks, we do our own research by visiting the beaches ourselves.  If you find it useful please share it.  We found many changes along the shore, some beaches that actually got prettier and better and some shorelines almost disappeared.  Due to time constraints, not all of the photos were taken post-Maria, but we used them because there were no major changes.

Best beaches are in no particular order…they’re all amazing in different ways…and that’s the reason you may fall in love with Puerto Rico.  Many destinations in the Caribbean have beaches with clear turquoise water and white sand…but very few places offer such a diverse selection of beaches in one destination.  We’ve added a map below to help you locate these great beaches.

San Juan is the most tourist ready destination in Puerto Rico, you can rent a car and take a variety of day trips from there or split your vacation and stay on the west coast to explore some of the best beaches on our list.  Rincon, one of the most tourist-friendly towns on the west coast of the island offers a good variety of hotels, small inns, and vacation rentals, this beach town is a great central point to enjoy the beaches of the west.

+ Isla Verde Beach - Carolina, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde is one of the top beach destinations in Puerto Rico, the beach and great beachfront hotels are the main reasons.  Isla Verde is ready for visitors, most of the hotels, restaurants, and water sport activities are open and operational.  Like many beaches around the island, the water of Isla Verde Beach is even clearer and more beautiful.  The water is better for swimming than nearby Condado Beach yet still close enough to Old San Juan so visitors can enjoy the wonders of the old city.  Whether you’re in Isla Verde for the day or a week, we think you’ll enjoy your visit.   Right after the last beachfront resort on the east side of Isla Verde (Courtyard Marriott in Isla Verde), you’ll find Carolina Beach, formally named “Balneario de Carolina”, the public beach of Carolina, which recently received the Blue Flag Award in November after Hurricane Maria.  You can drive to Carolina Beach or walk if you’re staying on the nearby hotels.

What we love about Isla Verde & Carolina Beach:  water sports, variety of restaurants within walking distance, beachfront hotels, clean sand, playful waves. 

Best Hotels to Stay in / near the beaches of Isla Verde & Carolina:  We love El San Juan Hotel by Hilton.  Our family has also enjoyed a stay at Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort, budget / family friendly and one of the best beachfront locations in Isla Verde.   The Hampton Inn is clean, within walking distance and budget friendly. San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel is a chic hotel with a fun rooftop pool and bar.  Check out the best hotels and resorts in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

+ Condado Beach - San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the most tourist ready vacation destination in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria, there are plenty of attractions open and operational for visitor’s enjoyment.  Condado Beach is like the Miami Beach of the Caribbean.  City lovers seeking for a quick weekend escape will enjoy staying at Condado Beach.  Although not the best beach for swimming, the entertainment, beachfront resorts, dining, shopping and nearby attractions make Condado Beach a favorite for our family when we crave the perfect mix of city life and beach time.

What we love about Condado Beach:  Amazing hotels to choose from right on the beach.  Great places to eat and shop within walking distance.  Lounge and umbrella rentals and drinks served on the beach.  Taxis everywhere for easy transport to Old San Juan and events in the city.

Best Places to Stay in Condado Beach:  La Concha, Condado Vanderbilt, San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.  See hotels in Condado Beach.

More about Condado Beach, Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

+ Flamenco Beach - Culebra, Puerto Rico

What best beaches list could possibly be without Flamenco?  Although this list is in no particular order, Flamenco is surely the first beach that comes to mind when listing the best beaches in Puerto Rico.  This place is simply mesmerizing, if you happen to visit Culebra for a few days, you’ll find a few more amazing beaches untouched by development.

Flamenco Beach is ready for visitors after Hurricane Maria, and was just recently re-awarded a Blue Flag post the hurricane.  We do recommend you fly instead of taking the ferry; ferry service has been very unreliable since the hurricane.  At this time we recommend you vacation in San Juan and either take a day trip to Culebra by flying from SJU or spend a night or two in Culebra.

What we love about Flamenco Beach:  Everything…the softest sand, the most beautiful jeweled tones colors on the water, the rolling hills in the background.  Beneath…sea turtles, coral reefs teeming with fish.

Best Places to Stay Near Flamenco Beach:   Our favorite hotel in Culebra is Club Seabourne.

More about Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico

+ Pozo de Teodoro - Isabela, Puerto Rico

We absolutely hate to tell you about this beach, because…we feel selfish and don’t want to share it with crowds.  We go during the week on “winter” months and we typically have it to ourselves or share with few beachgoers.   Pozo de Teodoro is located in the town of Isabela, which has become our favorite beach town.  Isabela is gaining popularity as a surfing destination but for those seeking calm waters, Isabela offers the best natural pools on the island.  During the winter the natural pool is typically fuller, during summer months when the tide is low the pool may be empty.  If the pool is too shallow, be sure to visit another beach in Isabela.

What we love about Pozo de Teodoro:  uncrowded, wide beach area, calm water (normal weather conditions), snorkeling in shallow water, natural unending show of waves crashing onto rock wall, easy access from road.

Best Places to Stay near Pozo de Teodoro: Royal Isabela (still closed for renovations after Hurricane Maria) & Villa Montaña (open and operational).  See hotels in Isabela.

More about Pozo de Teodoro in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

+ La Playuela / Playa Sucia - Cabo Rojo, PR

We were concerned about La Playuela (also known as Playa Sucia) after Hurricane Maria.  We were there the same day the road was cleared, we anxiously headed to the beach to find it was still there.   We’ve visited some beaches where the shorelines were cut in half, La Playuela is not very wide and behind it are the salt flats, so it has the potential of disappearing.  We are happy to report the beloved Playuela is still gorgeous, although not officially stated, we noticed the sand area is not as wide as it used to be. We describe La Playuela as “all-inclusive beach” for nature lovers.  Set aside a full morning for this location, be sure to bring: walking / hiking shoes, plenty of water, sunblock, snacks and a little cash just in case an ice cream / drinks vendor is on the beach. Please visit our full article on Playa Sucia.

What we love about La Playuela:  breathtaking location, clear water, playful waves, romantic shaded spots, all the additional attractions within the refuge.

Places to Stay in Cabo Rojo, PR:  Booking.com  ⎜ Expedia.com  ⎜ Hotels.com

More about La Playuela / Playa Sucia – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

Domes Beach – Rincon, Puerto Rico

+ Domes Beach, - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Domes has always been a favorite beach among surfers.  Although the beach is not good for swimming, it is a fun beach to watch surfers, relax and enjoy the sunset.  Nearby there are various beachfront restaurants for dinner.  While you’re in Rincon, be sure to book a horseback riding tour, which typically passes through Domes Beach.

The sand at Domes was the first beach we visited after Hurricane Maria, I can’t even describe the feeling of putting our feet on the sand after experiencing such a catastrophic event.  To our surprise, there were surfers enjoying the waves, kids playing on the sand, families relaxing…and at that moment we realized things would be ok.  While the news were focusing on the chaos on the island, many islanders found joy and hope on the sand and water.

What we love about Domes Beach: sunsets, lounging to watch surfers, horseback riding tours along the Rincon coastline.

Places to Stay in Rincon, PR:  Booking.com  ⎜  Expedia.com  ⎜  Hotels.com

+ Gilligan's Island - Guanica, Puerto Rico

We absolutely LOVE going to little Gilligan’s Island…not the actual place where the Gilligan’s Island show was filmed but once there you’ll see it surely be a nice place to be lost.  Officially it is not a beach, the body of water surrounds a cay (formal name Cayo Aurora), the sandy area is very small, but if you get there early you can claim one of the few gazebos or mangrove trees over the water providing shade where you can place your lounge chairs.  Gilligan’s Island has the clearest water on the entire main island of Puerto Rico.  After Hurricane Maria we were terrified our little island would be gone or partly destroyed, we are happy it is still there for the enjoyment of all.

What we love about Gilligan’s Island / Cayo Aurora:  clarity and calmness of the water, scenery, snorkeling, the journey there.

Best Hotels to Stay near Gilligan’s Island: Stay at Copamarina Beach Resort, they have their own private ferry ready to take you anytime during the day.  It is a small intimate hotel with a nice pool facing the water, on-site restaurants and friendly staff.

More about Gilligan’s Island – Guanica, Puerto Rico

+ Combate Beach - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

This was one of the first beaches to get cleaned up and ready after Hurricane Maria.  It is the longest beach in Puerto Rico, a wonderful place to take a walk on the beach.  The water is clear, the perfect depth for playing, floating, swimming and relaxing.   It is a very popular beach for locals on weekends and summer months, but during weekdays the vibe is nice and relaxed.   We encourage you to take a walk all the way to the end, bring only the necessities to the beach, so you can take a long walk on the beach and not worry about carrying or leaving valuables while you explore.   There are plenty of spots on the sand to claim your own, most people tend to congregate close to the restaurants for easy dining access, but farther south, the beach gets even prettier. There’s plenty of free parking on the shoulder of the street.

What we love about Combate Beach: clear water, restaurants nearby, depth of the water, hiking to Punta Aguila from Combate.

Best places to stay near Combate Beach:  Combate Beach Resort – not a resort, it is really a small inn, charming, clean comfortable guest rooms and within walking distance to Combate Beach.

More about Combate Beach – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. 

+ Sun Bay Beach - Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is still in recovery mode from Hurricane Maria, there was much damage to the infastructure, homes, and businesses. The coastline lost many palm trees but the beauty that bewitches visitors, still abound.   Just recently Sun Bay was also the recipient of the Blue Flag Beach Award.  Sun Bay is the most beautiful Balneario under the Puerto Rican Flag, a Balneario is a “public beach” managed by the government.   Sun Bay is ready for visitors, and gorgeous.  If you have more a day in Vieques be sure to explore more beaches.

What we love about Sun Bay Beach: calm water, great for swimming, plenty of palm trees for shade and to hang a hammock, gorgeous turquoise water, on-site facilities, ample convenient parking.

More about Sun Bay Beach – Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

+ Crashboat Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Location: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

This one may come as a surprise, since we never included Crashboat Beach in our Best Beaches in Puerto Rico Guide in prior years.  Although a favorite for locals, we didn’t feel it was good for the average tourist.  The entire shoreline at Crashboat Beach needed work, the cafeteria and shops needed a lot of “TLC”, facilities were non-existent and the sand was dirty most times we visited.  Crashboat as everyone knew it virtually does not exist anymore after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

So why include Crashboat in this list?  It is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico to see the effects of Hurricane Maria on the shores.   Although we were in shock from the damage and changes, we took a pause, took a look around and found hope and beauty in the mid of destruction.  The water is clearer than ever, the beach got a brand new thick carpet of soft light golden sand.  All the buildings that now sit on the sand will certainly become an attraction to those that wish to see the effects of a hurricane.  We all know that disasters and negativity gets attention, so if you wish to see how Hurricane Maria affected some of our beaches, this perhaps is one beach to visit.  This marks the end of Crashboat as a generation enjoyed it, but it is also a sight of how the island will recover and rebuild a better Puerto Rico.

What we love about Crashboat Beach: crystal clear water, scuba diving at the pier, a great place to see the effects of a hurricane on the coastline.

Best hotels to stay near Crashboat Beach:  Hotels in Rincon, Courtyard Aguadilla, Isabela

Map of the 10 Best Beaches since Hurricane Maria

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Best Beaches 2018

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Ferry Boat to Gilligan\'s Island, Guanica, Puerto Rico: 17.949830, -66.877856
Gilligan\'s Island, Guanica, Puerto Rico: 17.942165, -66.874241
Flamenco Beach Map - Culebra, Puerto Rico: 18.328699, -65.316768
Playa Sucia / La Playuela - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: 17.935877, -67.188939
Combate Beach / Playa Combate: 17.982177, -67.214350
Condado Beach - Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.457811, -66.073387
Playa Pozo Teodoro, Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.512967, -67.036723
Domes Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico: 18.364617, -67.269813
Sun Bay Beach, Vieques (Island of Puerto Rico): 18.097030, -65.463431
Crashboat Beach - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico: 18.459134, -67.163930

Updated List - Best Beaches in Puerto Rico 2019...

where your visit can help recovering communities after Hurricane Maria

After Hurricane Maria, many visitors have questions about which beaches are ready for visitors, so we hopped in our SUV and made the trips to check out our favorite spots to bring you the first updated list after Hurricane Maria 2018.  We recently drove again and saw more changes, so we updated this article focusing more on the impact of your visit in communities where you can enjoy amazing beaches.  See the update below the original article published following Hurricane Maria.

It has been two years since Hurricane Maria, so many things have changed, including our beaches.  We’ve received many letters from kind visitors wishing to support the island with their visit, this Best Beaches in Puerto Rico article was created with those visitors in mind.  Unlike our previously published articles listing many beaches throughout the island, we decided to make it easier for travelers by clustering the list into beach towns, giving you more beach time and less travel time.

Each of these beach towns gives visitors several great beaches to explore while positively impacting the economy of local businesses in need after Hurricane Maria.  These are off the beaten path destinations, meaning you’ll get to experience beaches without heavy crowds where you can experience the more authentic island life in Puerto Rico.  Don’t worry, off the beaten path doesn’t mean far away or without services you come to expect while on vacation.  We know and love Puerto Rico, we are confident you’ll come to love it as much as we do.

Guanica, Puerto Rico

Copamarina Beach Resort - Guanica, Puerto Rico

We’ll first send you off to Guanica, a sleepy town on the southern coast of Puerto Rico.  In the past year, we’ve seen the town getting prettier.  Municipality officials, local residents, and businesses are working together to make the town more inviting and welcoming to visitors from other towns and tourists from abroad.  Guanica feels completely different than any other beach town in Puerto Rico, it is unique in every way.  The beaches only get crowded during the summer months, the pace is nice and relaxed even during the busier summer months.  Guanica is one of the quietest beach destinations on the main island attracting eco-travelers and romantics wishing to have a true escape.  Guanica is also very family friendly.  A great way to enjoy Guanica is to take a hike in the morning, then head to the beach for a refreshing swim.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Just 40 minutes west of Guanica, you’ll arrive in the town of Cabo Rojo, this is the beach town where most Puerto Ricans will tell you they have the most precious memories during the summer.

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Driving up the west coast, we’ll send you to the beach town of Rincon, popular among surfers worldwide.  Rincon is very tourist friendly, the town has recovered well from Hurricane Maria.  There are plenty of great local restaurants and small shops that endured through the challenges that Hurricane Maria brought.  Your visit will lift their spirits.

  • Domes Beach
  • Balneario de Rincon

The offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra

The main island of Puerto Rico was unfairly blessed with hundreds of stunning beaches, but those that have been to Vieques and Culebra cannot argue that the best beaches under the Puerto Rico flag are on the offshore islands.  Vieques and Culebra are one of the few islands in the Caribbean that have not been overdeveloped, so visitors are captivated by experiencing “The Caribbean of the Past”.   Your visit will help local businesses in Vieques and Culebra reach a full recovery faster.

Vieques was badly hit by Hurricane Maria.  The long recovery process heavily affected tourism.  Businesses are ready to welcome visitors, hundreds of families depend on your visit.  The flora along the shores has recovered, the island is very green and the water on the beaches is clearer than ever. Snorkeling is amazing and even during the busy season, all the beaches are quiet without crowds.  The island’s natural treasures are ready to capture visitor’s hearts again. Those that have been to Vieques will tell you that this little island has the best beaches under the Puerto Rican flag.  Which beaches should you visit in Vieques?  We hate answering that question, they’re all amazing…really.  We’ll send you to our favorite two beaches, but since there’s a special beach for everyone in Vieques, we encourage you to spend at least two days in Vieques and find your little piece of paradise.