Great Beaches you can enjoy ALL year round in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has a long list of amazing beaches you can easily explore in one week as you travel through towns with European charm.  Be sure to rent a car, the best beaches are outside the resort properties.  This is the first online guide listing beaches that are great all year long.  Not all beaches can be enjoyed all year, we’ve seen “Best beaches in Puerto Rico” articles including beaches that literally disappear for months, some are only accessible during the summer months, some are only great during the winter months.  We live in Puerto Rico, we have been to every beach through all the seasons of the year in order to give our readers the most accurate visitor’s guide with great beaches travelers can enjoy any month of the year.  We know how important your vacation is, so we created this list, we are confident you will enjoy every beach on this list.

Flamenco Beach – Culebra, Puerto Rico

Best beach for: landscape, scenery, water clarity and quality, sand color and texture, cleanliness, facilities, family friendliness, access, lifeguard services, camping facilities, food, safety, never crowded even on high season…simply perfect.

Beach at Icacos Cay, Puerto Rico

Best beach for: clarity of water, seclusion, snorkeling, fun day trip for those staying on the San Juan / Metro and east coast regions.

+ Icacos Cay  ⎜ Book a Tour - Icacos Cay Tours

Isla Verde Beach, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Best beach for: hotels on the beach, beachfront dining, water sports, budget friendly apartment rentals on the beach, city life, nearby points of interest in San Juan, clean sand.  Isla Verde is just a short 5-10 minute drive from the airport.

Gilligan’s Island (Cayo Aurora), Guanica, Puerto Rico

Best beach for its crystal clear water, calm water for swimming, floating and snorkeling with children.

Like a giant natural pool with the clearest water on the entire west and southern coast of Puerto Rico.  Lovely place to take the whole family, where even toddlers can play safely on the water and learn to snorkel.  You may kayak to the mangrove island or take a ferry over from a private restaurant.  Stay at the Copamarina Beach Resort, they offer daily trips at the guest’s convenience.

La Chiva, Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you’re only visiting for a day, we recommend you head to La Chiva, your eyes will wander through endless shades of blue where you can swim in crystal clear water.  Be sure to bring your snorkel gear, snorkeling is amazing for all ages and levels.  La Chiva is very long, giving romantics and serenity seekers their very own spot.  As you drive up, you’ll see numbered spots, is fun to stop at all of them and declare your favorite.  If you manage to leave La Chiva, just keep driving to find your special beach cove along the wildlife reserve.

Playa Sucia / La Playuela, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo has many beaches, but if you’re traveling around the island and only have a day, head to La Playuela, best known as Playa Sucia.   Playa Sucia is located on a nature reserve, there are no facilities, you’ll have to bring everything you’ll need throughout the day.  You can spend a full day in Cabo Rojo if you choose to visit La Playuela, on your way there you can visit the Las Salinas (The Salt Flats), take a short hike up the lighthouse where you’ll enjoy the most breathtaking views on the island, then finally enjoying the beach.

Note: During certain times of the year, La Playuela gets a lot of sargassum.  If it’s too much to enjoy the beach, head to Playa El Combate or Boqueron Beach.

Domes Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Whether you surf or love to watch, Domes is a great beach to visit in Rincon.  Bring your board and ride the waves or bring your lounge chair to enjoy the show.  Beach access is easy and there’s plenty of parking.  Domes Beach is a great point of interest, after soaking the sun, head next door to Rincon Lighthouse Park for great views, whale watching during winter months and food.  If you love sunsets, be sure to stay a while, is worth the wait every day of the year.  While at Domes, you can quickly visit Spanish Wall by taking a short hike along a dirt trail north of Domes.

Playa Jobos, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Jobos is synonymous with the words summer, surfing and good times with friends in Puerto Rico.   Surfers from all over the world head to Isabela and Rincon over the winter months to enjoy the waves, Jobos is among the top surfing beaches all year round.  The water is clear, with deep turquoise and emerald tones and a small protected area for those that just want to refresh in the water, watch surfers and take in the scene.   Jobos is a favorite beach for Puerto Ricans, visitors that wish to immerse themselves in the beach culture of locals, really enjoy spending a day at this beach.  Puerto Ricans bring food, radios and laughter, so be ready to enjoy a lively family friendly scene on weekends and summer time.  During the week the scene is more mellow and relaxed.  + Jobos Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Tamarindo, Guanica, Puerto Rico

Update:  Playa Tamarindo is located in the town of Guanica, where most earthquakes are occurring, we advise our readers to NOT visit this beach or Guanica until the seismic activity ceases. 

Our guide is the first to list Playa Tamarindo on the Best beaches of Puerto Rico list, others will surely follow after this article. Playa Tamarindo is one of our favorite beach escapes, tucked away in the town of Guanica.  Playful waves, quiet setting without crowds on a nature reserve where endangered species are thriving.  This beach is wonderful for nature lovers who wish to be embraced by nature without all the distractions of a tourist trap.  Great improvements were made to the entrance with ample parking.   Pack light and bring your hiking shoes, the second most beautiful hiking trail on the south coast of the island begins at Tamarindo.  As you walk along the boardwalk you’ll pass ponds where the Puerto Rican crested toad nests.   PLEASE don’t throw any type of trash on the area to protect our natural treasures.