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Best beaches in San Juan / Metro Area - Puerto Rico

The capital city of San Juan is the top popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico.  San Juan has two beach destinations, Condado and Ocean Park.  While the beaches in San Juan don’t possess the qualities of the more pristine beaches around the island, the variety of water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, among others, make San Juan a popular beach destination.

The tourist district of Isla Verde is a popular beach destination in the metro area of Carolina, the town next door to San Juan, home to San Juan International Airport (SJU).  Isla Verde is a great weekend beach escape, just minutes from the airport, with great city beaches, a vibrant nightlife, family friendly beachfront resorts, just a 15 minute taxi ride from Old San Juan.

Best Places to Stay on / near the beaches in San Juan

San Juan offers a few resorts and hotels on the beach from modern and trendy to elegant and luxurious.

If you prefer to narrow down your search by location:

  • Condado offers luxurious beachfront hotels, and more affordable hotels just a few blocks away from the beach.
  • Ocean Park has a more laid back feel with small inns and restaurants.
  • Isla Verde, tourist district just 10 minutes from San Juan, offers a variety of hotels and resorts on the beach of Isla Verde and various budget friendly hotels within walking distance of the beach.

Families with children who want to swim, consider staying at one of the beachfront hotels in Isla Verde’s Pine Grove Beach.  In Condado, take a look at the Condado Plaza, with easy access to La Playita del CondadoCaribe Hilton is a family friendly resort with its own beach.  Please keep in mind that if you rent a car, San Juan is a great home base location with easy access to more wonderful beaches around the island.

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