Puerto Rico - Island in the Caribbean

Welcome to Puerto Rico, an exciting Caribbean destination with no passport required for US Citizens.  Puerto Rico was blessed with great natural treasures, world-class attractions unmatched nowhere else on the planet.  Whether you’re traveling as a family with children, dreaming of a romantic tropical escape, desiring a vibrant city weekend trip, or a pampering luxurious vacation, Puerto Rico won’t disappoint.  Vacationers will find a tremendous array of tours and activities from relaxing on secluded beaches to the thrill of the longest zip line cable worldwide by the Guinness World.

With so many daily flights from the US, in just a few hours, one could escape the cold and be basking under the warm sun and enjoying a Pi√Īa Colada¬†right on the island where it was first created. ¬†The island is often described as the easiest and most exciting getaway in the Caribbean.

Sit back, relax and allow us to show you a glimpse of the beauty and extraordinary experiences you will enjoy on the enchanting island of Puerto Rico.

Bienvenido a Puerto Rico (En Espa√Īol)

Puerto Rico

The Most Diverse & Culturally Rich Destination in the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is a USA territory, traveling is convenient just like flying to another state, without the hassles of customs and the need for a passport.  This island is no ordinary Caribbean destination, offering much more than beautiful beaches and attractive resorts, experience natural wonders and plenty of activities the entire family will enjoy.

City lovers will enjoy vacationing in the city of San Juan, complete with beaches, historic UNESCO sites, museums, excellent dining, plenty of fun activities on the water and a vibrant nightlife. ¬†Drive a few hours from the metro area and you’ll be transported to more laid back towns where the pace is slower with an abundance of quiet beaches, forests, and elegant Spanish Colonial towns with weekly cultural events.

Luxury travelers will not be disappointed, Puerto Rico is posititioning itself as one of the best luxury destinations with exclusive and private luxury resorts complete with world class golf courses, pampering spas and attentive hospitality.  Puerto Rico is also a very budget friendly destination with plenty of accommodations to choose from and local restaurants with delicious Puerto Rican food, complete with budget friendly American fast food restaurants.

The Islands of Puerto Rico

Quiet, uncrowded, undeveloped, romantic... "The Caribbean of the Past"
Puerto Rico & the offshore islands map

The secret is getting out, most Caribbean lovers are still not aware that Puerto Rico possesses offshore islands.¬† Just a short flight or ferry ride from the east coast of Puerto Rico, you can enjoy the most undeveloped beaches of Puerto Rico. ¬†Over the past decade the sister islands have received much attention, often featured on “top lists”. ¬†The sleepy islands of Vieques & Culebra are some of the last true virgin islands that remain unexploited by tourism, best representing the Caribbean of the past.

Isla de Vieques

Puerto Rico Islands - Vieques

Isla de Vieques is a destination with a high percentage of return visitors, visitors lucky enough to explore the magic of this island, are truly spoiled for life and end up coming back year after year.  There are dozens of beaches open to the public, each one with a unique natural look, unblemished by development.  Vieques has bragging rights to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, a natural phenomenon that ought to be on everyones bucket list.  Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Isla de Culebra

Culebra an archipelago of islands,¬†says it all with two words “Flamenco Beach“, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 beaches in the world. ¬†Culebra is even more sleepy than Vieques, with a unique landscape.¬†Most media outlets say there’s not much in Culebra and constant argument is that Vieques offers more, Culebra is enchanting with its own magic and plenty to offer for a full week’s vacation. ¬†Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Palomino Island is the perfect option for travelers wanting to experience a private island with five-star resort services. ¬†Head to the west coast and visit the uninhabited island of Isla de Mona,¬†known as ‚ÄúThe Galapagos of the Caribbean‚ÄĚ. ¬†Off the town of Rincon you can schedule a scuba diving or deep fishing tour to Isla Desecheo. ¬†La Parguera Nature Reserve and Gilligan‚Äôs Island make wonderful day trips. ¬†Caja de Muertos is one of the most underrated places in Puerto Rico offering a gorgeous beach, snorkeling and a rewarding hiking adventure.

The Beaches of Puerto Rico

A perfect destination for every type of beach lover...

Puerto Rico beaches

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

When it comes to beaches, Puerto Rico is king in the Caribbean.  Choose from secluded and quiet, to Miami Beach style, to world-class surfing beaches with a casual island life vibe.  Puerto Rico has an average of 10 blue flag beaches every year, and a few voted as some of the best in the world year after year. The Puerto Rico Beaches Guide was written to help travelers pick the best beach destination.

World Class Attractions & Fun Things to Do for the Whole Family

Attractions & Points of Interest

Puerto Rico Points of Interest & Attractions

Puerto Rico offers world-class attractions you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Delight walking on the historic 500-year-old City of Old San Juan.  Hike the tropical rainforest of El Yunque, kayak the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, swim on the crystal clear waters, explore Rio Camuy River Park, the third largest underground cave system in the world and so much more.  Whether you venture out on your own or book a tour, you will have lots of fun.  More about attractions in Puerto Rico.

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers activities and things to do for just about every type of traveler.  There’s a plethora of activities and professionally guided tours for nature lovers, adventure seekers, eco travelers, history buffs, golf enthusiasts, and families with small children.  If you’re serious about scuba diving, fishing, golfing and surfing, Puerto Rico delivers won’t disappoint.

Travel to Puerto Rico, Vieques & Culebra

No Passport Required for US Citizens

Travel to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico AirportWith so many flights available from major cities in the USA and other major cities around the globe, getting here is hassle free.  Puerto Rico is a US territory, making it convenient for US Citizens to have an easy getaway with no passport required.  Puerto Rico’s unique attractions and warm culture offers travelers extraordinary experiences without all the hassles of traveling to far away places.  Getting to Puerto Rico Guide

Travel to the Offshore Islands

Puerto Rico Ferry - Fajardo, Vieques & CulebraTravelers to Vieques & Culebra have various options. Flights are available from the San Juan Airport, Isla Grande & Ceiba.  Travelers can also drive to Fajardo and take the ferry.  Various private charters offer trips to explore Isla de Mona, diving in Desecheo, Caja de Muertos, Icacos, and Gilligan’s Island among others.

Puerto Rico Map - Begin Exploring

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