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Puerto Rico’s West Coast – “Porta del Sol”

The laid back side of Puerto Rico…Home of the best sunsets, seafood, surfing and serene beaches

Puerto Rico West Coast - "Porta del Sol"

The west coast of Puerto Rico is loved by Puerto Ricans and very popular among Americans from the mainland who love to surf. The west coast is a place to escape from the city, where you go to experience the feel of a beach town unexploited by mega resorts and hotels. There are two highly commercialized towns, Aguadilla and Mayaguez, however the rest of the west coast remains casual and laid back. Much of the land are nature reserves and many spots still have that unbeaten path feel.  Most of the southwest coast is a nature reserve with natural attractions and offshore cays to explore. As you drive south the terrain becomes greener with less development perfect for those seeking a place to vacation with less crowds and the embrace of nature.

Porta del Sol Puerto Rico  / The West Coast Region

Rincon and Isabela offers wonderful beaches for surfers and calmer waters on the Caribbean side are excellent for bathing on the towns of Cabo Rojo & Guanica.  The town of Lajas is loved by locals, they head to La Parguera where visitors can enjoy a great variety of eco activities.  Excellent water activities such as fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling are available for a fun filled vacation.  Eco lovers have plenty of attractions to explore with the whole family, such as the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge and La Parguera Nature Reserve among others. Visit towns with elegant Spanish architecture, some offering interesting historic attractions.  For an off the grid adventure, take a tour to the uninhabited islands of Isla de Mona and Isla Desecheo which offer the best scuba diving in Puerto Rico.

The west coast attracts visitors that want to experience the authentic Puerto Rico that’s outside the resort walls and be immersed in the warmth of our culture and people.  Real estate is still very affordable on the west coast, many residents of the United States are buying properties and making the west coast their second home.

The west coast has an airport in Aguadilla making getting here convenient from cities on the east coast of the United States.

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