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What we love about Vieques:  Hmmm… what’s not to love?  Once you get here, we think you’ll agree.    Two thirds of the island have been declared a National Wildlife Refuge making it one of the greenest and less developed on the Caribbean.  Vieques gives visitors an opportunity to experience Caribbean beaches in all their natural glory. Picture perfect beach coves without crowds, crystal clear waters, great snorkeling, sand colors ranging from white, to gold to black, the beaches are live postcards.  Beautiful Paso Fino horses elegantly peacefully grace and gallop free around the island.  The vibe is old Caribbean with a small population, there’s little development,  At night the waters glow at Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.

Vieques shines on the following “Top Lists”: 

Vieques has beaches listed on the Top Ten Beaches of Puerto Rico and Best Snorkeling Beaches.

Vieques has won several awards for Best island in the Caribbean and Bahia de la Chiva (Blue Beach) has been included on best beaches of the Caribbean lists.

Can’t miss attractions:  Mosquito Bay (Bioluminescent Bay), beachesFortin Conde de Mirasol, Ceiba Tree.

Things to Do in Vieques: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, bicycling, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, sailing, and endless beach hopping.  Rent a jeep and spend days discovering beach coves with it’s own unique qualities, no beach looks the same in Vieques.

Vacation Planning Tips: If you’re a first time visitor to Puerto Rico, we encourage you to start your vacation in the capital city of San Juan and then head over to Vieques for a few days.  Old San Juan and Vieques are a beautiful mix, and not hard to plan.  We recommend you fly to Vieques to save time and hassles of taking the ferry.

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Puerto Rico  > Puerto Rico Destinations  > Vieques, Puerto Rico

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