The Islands

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island, one of the Islands of Puerto Rico

Ahhh Vieques…that’s what you’ll mostly hear from people that have been here, our beloved Isla Nena (little girl island). There is no other island in the Caribbean quite like it. From the moment you fly over it on the plane you’ll be mesmerized by all lush green flora covering the island and the different shades of turquoise, blue and green tones of the surrounding waters. Overall, Vieques Island offers the very best beaches of Puerto Rico. Vieques has many beach coves and miles of sand for you to explore for a whole week.

Vieques, Puerto RicoVieques is like a dream, beautiful Paso Fino horse gallop freely around the island, the vibe is old Caribbean with a small population, little development, coasts naturally landscaped, and waters that glow at night at the Bio Bay.

Puerto Rico Islands - Vieques MapAs you read about Vieques Island you may think you only need a few days here. You’ll find yourself wanting a few weeks to explore all the beauty of the island, if you dream of secluded natural islands, Vieques is for you.   Isla de Vieques (formal name) is on the east coast of Puerto Rico (Porta Antillas) and you can get there by flying from the San Juan, Isla Grande or Fajardo airports or a ferry ride from Fajardo.

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