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San Juan is the most popular vacation destination in Puerto Rico.  City lovers will enjoy a vibrant nightlife, extraordinary dining, excellent hotel options from luxury to budget friendly, world class attractions and of course amazing beaches from Miami Beach style to secluded and quiet just minutes away.  Within the capital city, there are various vacation destinations each with its own vibe and style.  Old San Juan is the busiest cruise port in the Caribbean, leaving visitors with many reasons for wanting to go back for a longer stay.

District of Old San Juan (Islet of San Juan)

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Old San Juan (Viejo San Juan or Antiguo San Juan) –Old San Juan is the historic district and cultural center of  Puerto Rico, one of the top 5 places to visit in Puerto Rico.  Old San Juan makes up the western part of the District of Old San Juan (Islet of San Juan).
  • Puerta de Tierra – waterfront neighborhood making up the eastern part of the District of Old San Juan (includes the Capitol Building area, Escambron Beach, Luis Munoz Rivera Park, Bahia Urbana, and the Caribe Hilton).

District of Santurce

Condado - San Juan, Puerto Rico Tourist Destination

  • Condado – residential, business, and tourist community just east of the Islet of Old San Juan. Condado is a trendy Miami Beach style beachfront destination with luxurious beachfront resorts often a choice for many Puerto Rican stars.
  • Ocean Park – Ocean Park is a laid back beachside community, a gated residential community with various quiet small inns for tourists who prefer a more mellow beach.  Ocean Park is between Condado and Isla Verde, popular for its family-friendly beach and watersports.
  • Puerto Rico Convention Center “district” – business, travel, and entertainment area consisting of the Convention Center, Isla Grande Airport, Pan American Cruise Pier, Sheraton Hotel & Casino, and the Hyatt House.
  • Miramarresidential, business, industrial community with hotels, dining, shopping, and growing tourism.  It is situated on the southern border of the beautiful Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon).

Puerto Rico  > Puerto Rico Destinations  > San Juan, Puerto Rico

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