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Pozo / Playa Teodoro, Isabela, Puerto Rico “The Perfect Natural Pool for Children”

Location: Town: Isabela  / Destination: Porta del Sol (The west coast) of Puerto Rico


Busy summer day at Pozo Teodoro, Isabela, Puerto Rico

A perfect sport for the children and beach bums that love the sound of the surf.   Water is warm, only about 2 feet deep.  We typically have the beach or “pool” to ourselves on a week day.  Across the street, there are food kiosks selling delicious traditional fried food.

As you sit on the natural pool, you’ll enjoy a show of waves crashing into a natural wall offering protection.  The water at the pool is like bath water, warm and soothing. When the waves come in, you feel the water cooling off, then quickly getting warmer again….it’s really cool, a party for your senses.


The featured daily show….Great sights and sounds

Just relaxing and enjoying the show

Just relaxing and enjoying the show

More photos of Pozo Teodoro, Isabela, Puerto Rico

There’s a passage going onto the left of the “pool” used by fishermen. There’s a ledge and older children love jumping off of it, just try it out before your kids do. It gets very deep on the other side of the pool and the surf is strong.  Surfers like the waters next to Pozo Teodoro called Punta Sardinera

Facilities at Pozo Teodoro

  • When you get hungry, just head over to the kiosks for some traditional fried treats such as pastelillos / empanadillas, so yummy.  After ingesting those calories, then take a long walk down the beach to burn them.
  • There are no lifeguards at Pozo Teodoro.
  • There are no bathroom facilites at the beach, but across the street there are various restaurants and kiosks with restrooms.
  • As far as parking, there a spot where you can park right on the sand along the street. 

Getting to Pozo Teodoro

Located on Route 466, Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Nearby beaches in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Be sure to visit Playa Montones and Jobos during your visit to Isabela.

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