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Paradores of Puerto Rico

What is a Parador?

Paradores are “Country Inns”. At a parador you will see Puerto Rico in a very special and different way. Paradores are small, cozy and the service is very personalized to each guest. Paradores are very different from the big chain hotels in Puerto Rico and the location is away from all the crowds and traffic of the metro area in Puerto Rico.

Why stay at a Parador?

Paradores are small inns typically managed and owned by locals. In order for each of these properties to carry the name “Parador” they must be approved by the Puerto Rican Tourism Company. If you want to see the more relaxed side of Puerto Rico, consider staying at one of the following Paradores. Puerto Rico offers paradores near the sea, in town or in the countryside.

Here is a list of Paradores in Puerto Rico divided into beachside, coastside, in town or on the countryside.

Beachside Paradores of Puerto Rico

parador-bahia-salinas-cabo-rojoBahia Salinas – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Check rates and special offers at Parador Bahia Salinas 

parador-mauna-caribe-maunabo-puerto-rico1Parador Mauna Caribe, Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Check rates and special offer for Parador MaunaCaribe

parador-villa-antonio-puerto-rico-rinconParador Villa Antonio, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Check rates at Parador Villa Antonio

Joyuda Beach – West

Villas del Mar Hau – North

In Town Paradores of Puerto Rico

parador-el-faro-aguadilla-puerto-ricoParador El Faro, Aguadilla, PR

Check rates for El Faro, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  • El Sol – West / Porta del Sol 
  • La Cima – West / Porta del Sol  
  • Pichi’s – South 

Coastside Paradores of Puerto Rico

parador-boquemar-cabo-rojo-puerto-ricoParador Boquemar – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Check rates and special offers at Parador Boquemar 

parador-costa-del-mar-puerto-rico-maunaboParador Costa del Mar, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Check rates for Parador Costa del Mar


Parador Palmas de Lucia, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Check Rates online for Parador Palma de Lucia

parador-el-buen-cafe-puerto-rico-hatilloParador El Buen Cafe, Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Check rates at Parador El Buen Cafe

parador-perichis-cabo-rojo-puerto-ricoParador Perichis – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Check rates at Parador Perichis 

parador-vistamar-puerto-rico-quebradillas Parador Vistamar, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Check rates at Parador Vistamar 

Caribbean Paradise – South Coast – East

El Guajataca – North Fajardo Inn
Palmas de Lucía Perichi’s – West
Posada Porlamar – West
Villa del Mar – South 
Villa Parguera – South 
Vistamar – North