Mayaguez is considered the “capital” of the West Coast; it is the third largest city of Puerto Rico. Mayaguez has it’s own distinct look with European charm and it’s known for it’s port, tuna factories, the Teatro Yaguez (theatre of arts) and it houses the only zoo on the island.  Most jobs on the west coast are on the the city of Mayaguez.  If you want to be near the best selection of  American style restaurants, shopping and services, Mayaguez will be of interest to you.  Mayaguez offers many services to the west coast residents of Puerto Rico including a shopping malls, hospitals, and all type of professional services.


Most of Mayaguez’s important buildings were destroyed back in 1918 in an earthquake. In the past few years a great effort has been made to restore many of the buildings with great success.

The plaza got a brand new fresh look and the center of attention is still the Cristopher Columbus bronze statue at the center of the plaza facing “La Alcaldia” / The Mayor’s office. 

Quick Facts about Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

  • Location: Mayaguez is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico, now known as Porta del Sol. Neighboring towns are Añasco (north), Hormigueros (south), San Germàn (southeast) and Cabo Rojo (south) of Mayaguez.
  • Land Area: 197.6 sq km
  • Hymn: Himno a Mayaguez por Luciano Quiñones
  • Tourism Information Office:  (787) 851-1025 – office in Cabo Rojo just 10 minute drive.

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