Travel Guide

The Islands of Puerto Rico

Mona Island

Get lost on a far away island…. or at least pretend for a day by visiting Isla de Mona.  In order to visit you must book a tour with an authorized tour guide. If you’re one of the lucky ones to set foot on this secret treasure, you can enjoy secluded gorgeous beaches, go hiking and cave exploring, snorkel and scuba dive on health coral reefs and camp under a starry sky.  Learn more about Mona Island

Desecheo Island

This island off the town of Rincon on the west coast is popular among serious scuba divers. You can get there by private boat / yacht or schedule a tour / charter. More about Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico.

Caja de Muertos

A small treasure and the place to go for the perfect beach day if you’re staying in the town of Ponce or the southern region. Snorkel the underwater trail on clear waters, hike to the lighthouse, go bird watching and simply relax on a secluded island you may end up having all to yourself if you go during the week. More about Caja de Muertos.

Palomino Island

A private oasis with pina coladas served on the beach can be yours for the day if you book a room at the magnificent El Conquistador Resort. So very pretty…. Learn more about Palomino Island.

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