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This tiny island is located just off the coast of Joyuda in the town of Cabo Rojo.  Just a few minutes boat ride you be at this secluded cay.  Spend the day snorkeling and swimming on clear shallow waters.  Tour operators are available to take you to Isla de Ratones for a fun day under the sun. This little island is perfect for children and beginners snorkelers since most of the beach around the island is no deeper than six feet.

You may have seen Isla de Ratones in magazines, the sun sets beautifully behind this little island. Enjoy a day on the water at Isla de Ratones and stay for dinner and sunset at one of the many wonderful restaurants in Joyuda.

Sadly, due to erosion about 45% of the island is gone and the “Comite Caborrojenos Pro-Salud and other agencies work on restoring and protecting Isla Ratones from further damage.   For more information please visit their website

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Puerto Rico  >  Cays & Islets of Puerto Rico  >  Isla Ratones

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