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Guanica…A charming seaside town with quiet beaches, world class scuba diving and home to United Nations World Biosphere Reserve


Puerto Rico is one amazing place in the Caribbean.  For the first time visitor, it’s really surprising how a small island can have such diversity, the municipality of Guanica is one of those unique places.  You don’t hear much about Guanica on popular travel magazines or television channels, those that love the pleasures that Guanica offers, want to keep it that way.  This charming town is quiet and relaxed, travelers that enjoy exploring the unbeaten paths will enjoy Guanica, contrasting from tourist districts in the capital city of San Juan.  The main allure for visitors of Guanica are the rich natural treasures the entire family will enjoy exploring in complete serenity.  Couples seeking for seclusion will reconnect in Guanica’s hiking trails, free of crowds, leading to breathtaking scenic spots.

Tourism Guide – Guanica, Puerto Rico

Attractions in Guanica, PR

Guanica Puerto Rico Attractions - Travel Guide

Visiting Guanica will give you bragging rights for visiting a UN World Biosphere Reserve.  If you want beaches, Guanica offers some of the most unique ones on the island, which are likely to be secluded during weekdays with few crowds on weekends.  In Guanica, you’ll have easy access to the best mangrove island in Puerto Rico, with crystal clear waters, and tropical fish underneath for snorkeling.

Guanica is a nice location to enjoy the long list of attractions that the west coast of Puerto Rico including forests, two bioluminescent bays, museums, the historic district of San German and more.

Things to Do in Guanica, PR

Things to do in Guanica, Puerto Rico

Guanica is the best hiking destination in Puerto Rico, with trails along the dry forest and the pristine rugged coastline.  On the water, enjoy activities such as kayaking along mangrove channels, experience world class scuba diving at the Guanica Wall, snorkeling on the calm waters of Gilligan’s Island, and deep sea fishing out on the Caribbean Sea.  In Guanica you can visit the only winery vineyeard in Puerto Rico, and take a romantic walk along a colorful sunflower farm.  There are plenty of activities you can do on your own in the Porta del Sol region. You won’t run out of things to do, but you will run out of time.

Hotels & Places to Stay in Guanica

Hotels, Resorts and Places to Stay in Guanica, Puerto Rico

Guanica, an off the beaten path destination offers a handful of places to stay.   Choose from a beachfront romantic resort, cozy small inns, or budget friendly house and apartment rentals dotted along the coast.  A new luxury resort will be developed in Guanica, opening in 2018.  Guanica is an excellent place for travelers who want to experience a quiet destination, with easy access to the best hiking destination on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  Copamarina Beach Resort is one of the most popular wedding venues in the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Tours & Charters in Guanica

Tours - Things to Do in Guanica, Puerto Rico

Guanica is well known among serious scuba divers, schedule a tour / charter to dive the walls and explore the underwater caves of the famous La Pared (The Wall).  If you don’t want to venture on your own, book a guided tour of the Guanica Dry Forest with friendly guides.  There are various fishing charters ready to take you on a glorious morning deep sea fishing.  On the neighboring towns of Lajas & Cabo Rojo, more local charters are ready to show you the best of these coastal towns.  If that’s not enough, there’s more…

Quick Facts about Guanica, Puerto Rico


Guanica’s Slogan:  Paraiso Del Eterno Verano (The Paradise of Eternal Summer)

Location: Guanica is on the southwest of the island east of Lajas.

  • Land Area: About 53 square miles.
  • Hymn:  América es jardín del mundo
  • Locals are known as: Guaniqueños
  • Tourism Information Office:  787-821-4343, 787-821-0092. Address: July 25 th St. right in front of the plaza

Photo Gallery of Guanica, Puerto Rico

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