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Scenic & Historic Guajataca Tunnel

Location: Quebradillas / Isabela – West Coast / Porta del Sol Region, Puerto Rico

A great spot for photographers and nature lovers



The Guajataca Tunnel is right in between the towns of Isabela and Quebradillas near Rt.2.  This is a very scenic location, great for taking photographs. If you’re with your loved one, take a romantic walk along the beach and through the tunnel, you will have some pretty scenery as the background on your photo memories.  The sounds and sights of the ocean surf against rocks along the shore is very relaxing and adds to the romance of this place.

Locals love this place, mostly used during weekends and gets busy during summer months. If you come during the week and winter months, you are likely to have the beach area to yourself for a relaxing crowd free experience.

puerto-rico-quebradillas-porta-del-sol-guajatacaPlaya Guajataca (Guajataca Beach) is here by the tunnel, however, it’s NOT a beach for bathing, the current and surf is very rough, please attend your children at all times.  Playa Pelicanos on the other side of the tunnel, but again it is NOT a beach safe for bathing.

If you’re short on time and can’t get to the tunnel and beach area, be sure to make a stop anyway, on Rt. 2 there’s the Guajataca overlook, views from the road are fantastic. Kiosks and great local food is on the area.

Note that there are no bathroom facilities at the beach.


View from the road


A Little History

The tunnel is a remnant of the railway system that connected the island, with the purpose to transport sugar cane from the farms in the area.  The tunnel connects the towns of Quebradillas and Isabela.

Care, Management & Contact Info

The tunnel is officially a historic site but it’s sad and disappointing to find graffiti and trash around the area, if you can get passed the negative and focus on the natural beauty you will enjoy your walk around the area.  The management and care is under the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena (787) 724-0700 and the municipal office of Isabela (787) 872-2100.  Perhaps you can help preserve this historic site by voicing your concerns by calling the numbers provided.


Source: University of Puerto Rico


At the other side of the tunnel you’ll get to this scene, it looks like a massive work of art.


Come at sunset, sit on a rock and enjoy the show.

 More photos of Guajataca Tunnel

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