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Best Beaches of Puerto Rico

We know the island of Puerto Rico very well, this island is truly a beach lover’s destination offering hundreds of beaches to choose from, each with it’s own unique qualities.  Narrowing the list down to 10 beaches is a difficult task, there are many more great beaches in Puerto Rico and the offshore islands.

Answering the question is not that simple, what you may think is a great beach, may not appeal to others.  It’s pretty hard meeting the needs of locals, tourists and travelers in one beach.  The following beaches are so amazing naturally, that any facilities or services lacking onsite can be easily overlooked.  These are the beaches Caribbean tropical dreams are made of.   You close your eyes, you feel the breeze, palm trees dancing in the wind, crystal clear waters, most are located in uncrowded quiet places, and some are near all the action and amenities many tourists prefer.  Locations include the offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra.  Many travel experts, media outlets and travelers would agree with our list, some have been ranked as some of the best in the world and the Caribbean.

About us: We have traveled to other Caribbean islands, we’ve found Puerto Rico offers the most diversity, there’s a beach destination for just about every type of traveler.  As far as our taste in beaches, we prefer those that you see in postcards and Corona commercials, at times we want a beach to ourselves without crowds, at times we love the vibe of the beaches in the city with the many activities and attractions nearby.  We love to snorkel and although we don’t surf (working on it), we sure enjoy a good show.

Please note:  We are not affiliated with any hotels or businesses on the island, what we write is independent of any advertisements.  We come up with our own list, we are constantly speaking with visitors at beaches, and we also do some research for reviews to see what everyone else is saying in order to get a more collective list.

The following beaches were chosen because they all met the following guidelines:

  • they’re naturally gorgeous
  • the beaches are clean
  • beautiful blue clear waters, great sand, great scenery and postcard worthy
  • the location is considered safe
  • If you have to make a drive from your hotel, we think it will be worth while

Flamenco Beach – Culebra, Puerto Rico

The Best Beach under the Puerto Rican flag & one of the Top Beaches in the World.

Flamenco Beach - Best beaches in Puerto Rico

Not only is Flamenco Beach the best beach under the Puerto Rican Flag, this gem has been consistently ranked as one of the best beaches around the planet.  Adjectives that are meant to be used to describe beaches such as Flamenco, have been overused, words simply can’t describe this special place.  The landscape is unique and perfectly designed by the Master Hand, the waters are like glass tinted in tones of cerulean and turquoise blues.  The waves are very gentle making them perfect for swimming, playing, floating and snorkeling.  Flamenco offers a great camping site with million dollar views and beach access, the food kiosks offer traditional Puerto Rican food sure to satisfy every palette, the sand is light and pure white, and the water quality has won the Blue Flag award for many years. Once you get here, you’ll become a Culebra lover for life.  More about Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico. 

La Playuela / “Playa Sucia” –  Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

The Most Scenic Location on the main island of Puerto Rico.

La Playuela / Playa Sucia - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico / Best beaches in Puerto Rico

Visiting La Playuela gives you much more than a great beach day, bring a good pair of sneakers and plenty of storage with your camera, you’ll be hiking the most the most scenic trail on the main island of Puerto Rico.   La Playuela also known as Playa Sucia, is a crescent shape white sand beach that’s postcard worthy.  From your beach chair you can enjoy views of limestone cliffs and the elegant Los Morrillos Lighthouse.  Just a few steps from the beach, you can hike to a trail along the edge of the cliffs which will feels as if you’re standing at the planet’s edge.  Playa Sucia is inside a wildlife nature reserve with salt flats, an informative welcome center, a bird sanctuary, scenic walking trail along the nature reserve, and an observation tower. More about Playa Sucia / La Playuela, Cabo Rojo.

Palomino Island – El Conquistador Resort

Secluded island charm, water sports, snorkeling & food service right on the beach.

Palomino Island - Puerto Rico / Best beaches in Puerto Rico

A perfect private island, for the blissful enjoyment of El Conquistador guests.  Palomino Island is what tropical vacation dreams are made of…lounge chairs, crystal clear waters, white sand, small natural pools with schools of colorful tropical fish, water sports, horseback riding, delicious healthy food and pina coladas served right on the beach.

Be a guest at Waldorf Astoria – El Conquistador Resort.  From there, you can hop on the ferry and spend glorious days at Palomino Island.

Blue Beach – Offshore island of Vieques, Puerto Rico

Excellent beach for swimming, uncrowded, turquoise clear waters, and excellent snorkeling.

La Chiva Beach / Playa La Chiva "Blue beach" - Vieques Island - Best beaches in Puerto Rico

Bahia de la Chiva was previously known as “Blue Beach”.  The waters are contrasting shades of blue unlike any other beach on the island of Vieques.  Below the surface, you can explore a colorful world with a diverse sea life and healthy coral.  Bahia de la Chiva Beach is one of the best snorkeling beaches on the island of Vieques and under the Puerto Rican flag with perfect waters for swimming for all ages. There’s plenty of sand and space to claim for the day so you can experience the feeling of having your own piece of paradise.  More about Blue Beach / Bahia de la Chiva on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. 

Caracas Beach – Offshore island of Vieques, Puerto Rico

Just gorgeous…Amazing enough to be the main shooting location for Victoria’s Secret Swim 2014

Caracas Beach - "Red Beach" - Vieques, Puerto Rico - Best beaches in Puerto Rico

Wow!…This beach is one of the local favorites, it offers gorgeous scenery, perfect waters for swimming and playing, a wide beach with plenty of white sand for relaxing and playing beach volleyball, and gazebos for family picnics.  If you don’t have much time on the island, Playa Caracas previously known as Red Beach, is the most easily accessible on Vieques National Wildlife Refuge (Camp Garcia).  Caracas Beach is one of main locations featured on the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2014.  More about Caracas Beach (Red Beach) on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. 

Balneario El Escambron –  San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best City Beach

Escambron Beach - Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Escambron Beach is much more than a great beach experience.  Clear waters, tall coconut palm trees, but in addition you’re walking into a park packed with a scuba diving site, snorkeling spots, scenic views of Old San Juan and the modern city, great food, a walking trail along the water leading to a historic site, facilities, and plenty of sand and green spaces for children to play.  If and and when you’ve had enough beach time you can walk across to the beautiful Luis Munoz Marin Park and then head over to Old San Juan where you can enjoy an endless list of world class attractions.  More about Escambron Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

La Posita Beach – Loiza, Puerto Rico

Best beach near the capital city of San Juan

Pinones beach / Playa Pinones - Loiza - Best beaches in Puerto Rico

The capital city of San Juan is the most popular vacation destination in Puerto Rico for all it has to offer.  While the city offers some good beaches, some visitors wish to experience a beach that’s quiet with a casual island style.  We often choose to have a staycation in San Juan, and when we crave crystal clear waters, we head to the neighboring town of Loiza, a short half hour drive from Old San Juan / Condado area, right next to Isla Verde.   La Posita is a long beach on the Atlantic side with a rock wall creating a safe shallow natural pool protected from the strong surf, making it a great beach for families with small children.  Right across the street, there are food kioks serving traditional fried food.  Keep driving towards Loiza and you’ll end up at the famous Pinones area featured on the Travel Channel.  Pinones is a foodies paradise serving all kinds of traditional food that focus on flavor and keep the decor and ambiance simple and casual unique to the town of Loiza.  La Posita is a great stop for travelers who love to experience a more authentic island vibe.  You can get here by bike, there’s a bicycle trail from Isla Verde to La Posita Beach all the way to Pinones.  This is the first guide to include La Posita on the top ten list.

Sandy Beach – Rincon, Puerto Rico

Best beach for learning to surf, best for swimming in Rincon and home to one of the best beach bars in the world.

Sandy Beach - Playa Sandy - Rincon - Best beaches in Puerto Rico

Rincon is one of the top beach towns in Puerto Rico.  Rincon became famous for it’s world class surfing and there are plenty of beaches to keep you exploring for days.  Sandy Beach is the best overall beach in Rincon for surfing with the great surf breaks.   Here you’ll find beginners getting surfing lessons, it’s a fun place to park your lounge chair and watch surfers.  Sandy Beach is long, a romantic place for long walks.  When you get hungry, you can stop by Tamboo Tavern, an open wooden deck along the water, which has made it to the list of top beach bars in the world (CNN, Travel & Leisure), where you can enjoy a great lunch or dinner to the glow of a romantic sunset.

Steps Beach / Playa Tres Palmas – Rincon, Puerto Rico

Great Surfing in the Winter & Excellent Snorkeling in the Summer Months

Steps Beach / Playa Tres Palmas - Rincon - Puerto Rico Best Beaches

Located on the surfing town of Rincon, this is a world class surfing beach in the winter months.  During the summer months, the surf is down, the waters are calm, and this beach becomes a favorite for snorkeling on the west side of the island.  Swim over beautiful elk horn gardens with a variety of sea life including sea turtles.  More about Steps Beach / Tres Palmas, Rincon, Puerto Rico. 

Boqueron Beach – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Calm Turquoise Waters, Beautiful Sunsets, Great Food & Best Beach Town Experience

Boqueron Beach, Cabo Rojo - Best beaches in Puerto Rico

Last but not least is the Balnerio de Boqueron (Boqueron Bay Beach), one of the most beloved beaches in Puerto Rico.     Boqueron has always been known as a favorite family beach vacation spot for Puerto Ricans.  Balneario de Boqueron (formal name), is a public beach managed by Parques Nacionales consistently awarded the Blue Flag. Here you can rent a cabana right or a villa right on the water for very affordable rates.  The waters are calm, great for swimming, jet skiing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.  The summer months are the most fun at this beach, the waters are clearest and the nightlife is the most festive in the village of Boqueron.

Boqueron is a small poblado (village) in the town of Cabo Rojo, a beach town located on the southwest tip of the island.  At night the narrow one way street of Boqueron closes to vehicles and opens to happy people wanting to laugh with friends and family.   Enjoy fresh oysters and clams with lemon, local drinks, and great food at restaurants to the sounds of salsa, jazz and rock and roll.  Boqueron is a great beach destination for travelers who want to experience a more authentic beach town vibe with very affordable hotel / apartment rates. Boqueron is a very family friendly village with easy access to more great beaches and attractions in nearby beach towns of Guanica and Lajas.  More about Boqueron Beach in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. 

Map of Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

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Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

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Steps Beach - Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, Rincon, Puerto Rico: 18.349809, -67.264325
Flamenco Beach - Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico: 18.328699, -65.316768
Playa Sucia / La Playuela - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: 17.935877, -67.188939
Palomino Island Beach - El Conquistador Resort Private Island - Fajardo, PR: 18.344037, -65.568767
Ferry Boat to Vieques & Culebra, Puerto Rico: 18.334942, -65.631080
Bahia de la Chiva / Blue Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico : 18.111470, -65.385733
Playa Caracas (Red Beach), Vieques, Puerto Rico : 18.108390, -65.413070
Balneario El Escambron (Playa 8), San Juan, Puerto Rico : 18.467459, -66.090231
Sandy Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico: 18.371569, -67.253966
Balneario de Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico : 18.019704, -67.170481
La Posita Beach, Loiza, Puerto Rico : 18.456000, -65.968266

More Beaches in Puerto Rico

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